My weird phobia.

Terrified Woman Screaming --- Image by ©

Terrified Woman Screaming — Image by ©

I remember watching an episode of one of those daytime talk shows (I forget which one) in which people with strange phobias were forced to confront the object of their terror. There was a man who lived in mortal fear of cotton balls and a woman afraid of balloons. I read later these fears aren’t as uncommon as you would think. Fear of Styrofoam is also pretty common. It apparently has something to do with the noise it makes. These phobias seem silly to me, but a lot of people have them. I have a silly phobia of my own, and I’ve never met anyone else who has it. It’s so uncommon it doesn’t even have a name. I’ve Googled it and no one in the world except me seems to have it.

I’m terrified of amputated insect wings. You know, like when you see an insect wing just sitting there not attached to the insect. I have no idea why that freaks me out so much, but whenever I see that, I feel like screaming and fainting at the same time and I feel like I’m going insane.

I had to put a drawing here, because if it was a photograph I wouldn’t be able to look at this post without freaking out.

The worst experience I ever had with my phobia was the time we had a termite infestation. I was home alone at the time, watching TV in the living room and something made me look across the room. Something weird was happening on the hardwood floor. It looked like it was sort of…undulating. I got up to investigate and saw what appeared to be THOUSANDS of ant-like insects walking, flying, and DROPPING THEIR WINGS ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I started shivering and crying as I frantically went to go find the vacuum cleaner. I couldn’t think straight. Whimpering in terror, I had trouble plugging the damn thing into the wall because my hands were shaking so badly. In a panic, I sucked up every last one I could see, but MORE KEPT COMING OUT OF THE WALL. I didn’t know they were termites–I didn’t know about the “swarmers” (the termites who mate in the spring and have temporary wings until they mate) until Terminex told me that’s what those were. THOSE UNHOLY FLYING FAKE ANTS WERE HAVING SEX ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM FLOOR!

I also can’t stand large winged insects. Cicadas in particular really freak me out and it’s because of those damn wings they have. They’re so creepy looking the way those brown veins run through them and I hate the pattern they make. It looks evil to me. Put me in a room full of spiders first. Most people are terrified of spiders but I don’t really mind them as long as they’re not crawling on me or biting me. Oddly enough, I like dragonflies. I don’t want one landing on me or anything (I don’t want any large flying insects landing on me), but I think they’re pretty and I even have a tattoo of one.

I think amputated bug wings is my weirdest phobia. What’s yours?