My inheritance from Trump.


You read that right. I got money from Donald Trump.  In a dream.

In no universe would I ever vote for Donald Trump, but in my dream, I was looking through a drawer of old papers and came across an envelope filled with cash. I counted the cash; it was over $7,000. There was a letter in the envelope too, dated from 2003. Apparently I never saw it before, even when I had searched this same drawer for cash back when I had no money at all and couldn’t even buy dinner.

The letter informed me that Trump had died and this was my inheritance. So apparently in the dream we were related.

Even if Trump sent me $7,000 I would still not vote for him. I also wouldn’t have the integrity to refuse the money.    But I think I should buy a scratch off ticket today. 🙂 Later, I’ll think about what this dream could possibly mean.