8 good things about fall.


Alright, fine.  I hate fall (see my last post), but it does have a few redeeming traits.  I can name them on one hand plus three fingers.  See?  I can be fair.

  1.  The end of flea season.  If you’re a pet owner, you know exactly why this is important. Especially if you’re sensitive to their bites, the way I am.
  2. No more blisteringly hot, humid, days that make you feel like you’re covered in glue and cause your hair to frizz up and your clothes to stick to you like ColorForms™, and cause tempers to flare.
  3. No more bugs.
  4. You don’t have to mow the grass anymore.  Or at least you can mow it a lot less.
  5. Halloween is kind of fun, and Christmas always turns out to be nice, in spite of the dreaded, over-commercialized “holiday season” that precedes it starting around Labor Day.
  6. You don’t feel guilty about sleeping in on weekends, or get that awful feeling that you might be missing something because you wasted your day lying in bed.
  7. Pumpkins are overrated and taste like garbage, but they do look sort of bright and happy sitting out there on a patch of grass covered with leaves.  Gourds are nice too.
  8. The smell of wet fallen leaves, fattening baked goods (except pumpkin pies, ew), and fires.