#25 – Who Was The First Borderline? – From Cavemen and Dinosaurs to Creationism and the FSM

A very funny look at how BPD might have made it into the gene pool. Who was the culprit? Cavemen? Apes? Dinosaurs? Single celled organisms? Can creationism and a “young earth” explain BPD better than evolution and its “old earth”? Or is BPD it simply a construct invented by mental health professionals to label a group of people with a certain subset of psychiatric behaviors that aren’t particularly adaptive.
A great read!

BPD Transformation

Where did BPD come from, and how was it passed down to modern humans? This is one of the more vexing questions of our age. For an answer, we must turn to the all-knowing wisdom of American psychiatry, which proclaims:


“BPD is strongly inherited.” This seems like an answer to where BPD comes from. But is it? According to psychiatry, BPD is mostly in the genes. But how could this dreaded disease have originally developed? It didn’t magically appear out of thin air. This begs the question:  From whom was BPD first inherited? Who – or what – was the real “first borderline”?

In this essay, I will take psychiatry’s thinking to its logical conclusion. If BPD is “inherited”, we should be able to track down the ultimate source of this nefarious malady…

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