The new couch.



The day after New Year’s, my daughter surprised me with a new couch (actually it’s used — but barely).  It’s a pale blue-grey tweed. I love it and it looks great (there’s a quilt on top to keep the cat hair off of it).  The old one was horrible — badly stained and the arms threadbare from the cats.   It was so ugly I kept a quilt or blanket over it all the time so I didn’t have to look at it.

Here’s my problem though.  The new couch reminded me of how many other things I need to do to make the living room…livable! The rest of the room is so dark and dingy and out of date, and the brightness of the couch makes it glaringly obvious how other many things I need to replace or update.  Now I can’t go in the living room because it reminds me of the inside of my head.

The next thing I’m going to get is a new rug in a modern design with the same blue grey color scheme as the couch.   After that, I’ll see what else needs to be done to make this room less depressing.

I want this table.

I saw this table in someone’s house today while I was working. It’s amazing–constructed of polished and sanded burled wood (yes, I am aware “burled wood” is really tree cancer), with all the holes, cracks, and depressions filled with tiny pieces of turquoise, fools’ gold, quartz, and other semi-precious tiny stones of different sizes suspended in some kind of laminate which then fills the holes for a smooth surface. There were chairs to match the table too–each one was different.

The second photo is a close up of the detail.



I wonder how much a table like this would cost. I bet it must have been pretty expensive.

Otter table.

otter table ying yang

I think these otter tables by artist Marvin Elliott are amazing. I love the way the otters form a yin yang and the glass is sculpted to look like moving water.