The new couch.



The day after New Year’s, my daughter surprised me with a new couch (actually it’s used — but barely).  It’s a pale blue-grey tweed. I love it and it looks great (there’s a quilt on top to keep the cat hair off of it).  The old one was horrible — badly stained and the arms threadbare from the cats.   It was so ugly I kept a quilt or blanket over it all the time so I didn’t have to look at it.

Here’s my problem though.  The new couch reminded me of how many other things I need to do to make the living room…livable! The rest of the room is so dark and dingy and out of date, and the brightness of the couch makes it glaringly obvious how other many things I need to replace or update.  Now I can’t go in the living room because it reminds me of the inside of my head.

The next thing I’m going to get is a new rug in a modern design with the same blue grey color scheme as the couch.   After that, I’ll see what else needs to be done to make this room less depressing.

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  1. Im happy for you with this new couch. I think your place looks rather nice, very homey. But I know what you mean, getting a new piece throws everything else off. But still I think it all looks great!

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  2. What about Florida? I thought you were planning to move there. Have you changed your mind? You seemed so happy there. The sofa is very nice looking. If you’re staying where you are, I hope you manage to upgrade the rest of the room to make you happy about living there. I realize you have a lot of bad memories you will have to deal with. Happy New Year. We are all embarking on a scary road in 2017 with Trump and all. Good luck to all of us.

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    • No, I haven’t changed my mind, but I can’t move there now, due to the expense and other logistical issues. My son doesn’t have room for me to stay in his apartment until I get a place, but if they get a bigger house then moving would be more do-able. I am going back to visit in April, however.

      I am DREADING the new Trump administration, not so much Trump himself because he’s an idiot and has no real ideology other than his own “importance,” but because of his pack of mean spirited goons.


  3. If that is paneling on the wall, you can paint it white, in a soft white matte. This adds freshness and light immediately, plus, it would update and make your beautiful wood floors pop in contrast. Paint is cheap.

    Removing the blinds and adding plain long white curtains (two white bedsheets) shirred on a narrow rod through the hem line, will provide privacy and new class.

    Just my suggestions. I have done major renovations with just paint and bedsheets.

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    • The idea about painting the paneling is a good one. As for curtains, I have no patience for them at all (and have cats who would climb them) so I would stick with blinds, but I’d like to get some nicer ones that have adjustable slats.


  4. I’m dealing with a similar problem. A couple of new items highlighting how much more needs to be done. We’re trying to buy just a little at a time, but that is a hard, frustrating thing to do.

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