Credit: Dude Falling,

Although I don’t write this blog to be popular, I like it when my stats are rising and I’m getting lots of views. It’s great when an older post suddenly takes off, too. I always feel motivated to post more when this blog is doing well.

This week my views have been in the toilet. In fact, they’re plummeting. I know this shouldn’t bother me too much because I don’t blog for that reason and it’s probably just a temporary slump anyway, but it’s still alarming. It’s also discouraging and saps my motivation. I tell myself: why bother posting since no one comes here anymore anyway? I know that’s patently, laughably ridiculous. I have lots of great friends who I know are reading and who comment every day. I still get plenty of views, even if they’re not what they were a couple of weeks ago. But sometimes my rational mind is in another galaxy from my emotions. It’s an example of my all-or-nothing thinking. I’ve always gotten discouraged and given up too easily. I don’t seem to tolerate setbacks very well.

If you blog, how do you react when you have setbacks? Do you get discouraged or give up easily? What do you do to combat those feelings?