Small city in Macedonia churned out pro-Trump propaganda during his campaign.


Credit: BBC News


I stumbled on this story and was just gobsmacked.  Donald Trump seems to have some mysterious and bizarre connections with both Russia and Eastern Europe, but nothing surprises me anymore about this corrupt president and his administration.   The fact that this story comes from the BBC gives it credibility, in my book.  They don’t churn out “fake news.”   I’m surprised this story didn’t get more traction and I’m only hearing about it now.

Macedonia is a small landlocked country in southeast Europe.  It split off from the former Yugoslavia and established its independence in 1991, so it’s a fairly new country with a struggling economy.    Macedonia is one of the poorest European countries, but in the past few years its economy has been improving.  Still, there are young people seeking to get rich quick in a place that seems to offer them few opportunities.    Why not write fake news stories and disseminate them on right-wing websites to earn a fortune?      Most of these “fake news” stories have been traced to Veles, a small city in that country.   Most of the articles are written by kids looking to make a buck.

I wonder if someone in the Trump administration–or even Trump himself–might have paid off these Macedonian kids to write pro-Trump “news” stories? Who knows?  I wouldn’t put anything past him.    Here is the BBC article.