Protected: Sick of being treated like I’m retarded.

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I wasn’t sure about this, but…


I wasn’t sure I should post this on my main blog or not, but why the hell not? I’m an emotional wreck about this, and really triggered too because if this happens, it proves what I’ve suspected all along about being a total reject in my own family. If this happens, there is no longer any doubt of what they all think of me. The anxiety is almost unbearable. It’s not about the money, it’s about being judged once and for all by my narc family as “not worthy” and “not acceptable” and “never good enough.” I have no idea how I’ll react if this happens. If this happens, there are NO good excuses for such a thing and will prove to me just what horrible people I’ve been dealing with my whole life.  No normal, loving families would EVER do this to one of their own.   Mine might, and I’m scared to death.

My first really unpleasant therapy session.

I’m going to be talking in therapy about this for quite some time, if it happens.  I’m also afraid if it happens, emotionally I’ll be back where I was two years ago and all the positive changes I’ve made will all come undone.   THAT’s how devastated I will be and there will be NO forgiveness for that.