That scary moment when you think your blog got hacked.

Terrified Woman Screaming --- Image by ©
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I had a huge scare last night. After I posted my Monday Melody, I scrolled down the page and noticed my sidebar was gone! Also, the font had changed to a tiny, ugly font, and was scrolled all the way over to the right, where the sidebar should have been. “Older Posts,” which should be at the bottom of the page, was in the center, in the middle of another post! I finally found my sidebar–at the very bottom of the page, under all the posts. The blog was a mess. Of course my initial reaction was panic, and I was about to head over to Forums to ask what to do, or if someone there could fix it.

But I remembered that while posting my Monday Melody, I had to switch to “visual” to add links, and it had put some weird code in there when I went back to HTML (has anyone else had this problem with the new editor?) I went back into Edit mode and saw a strange little code at the end (I don’t dare type it here to show you). I took that out and republished the post. I guess that one little code was messing up my blog, because after that everything was back to normal. Whew!