That scary moment when you think your blog got hacked.

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I had a huge scare last night. After I posted my Monday Melody, I scrolled down the page and noticed my sidebar was gone! Also, the font had changed to a tiny, ugly font, and was scrolled all the way over to the right, where the sidebar should have been. “Older Posts,” which should be at the bottom of the page, was in the center, in the middle of another post! I finally found my sidebar–at the very bottom of the page, under all the posts. The blog was a mess. Of course my initial reaction was panic, and I was about to head over to Forums to ask what to do, or if someone there could fix it.

But I remembered that while posting my Monday Melody, I had to switch to “visual” to add links, and it had put some weird code in there when I went back to HTML (has anyone else had this problem with the new editor?) I went back into Edit mode and saw a strange little code at the end (I don’t dare type it here to show you). I took that out and republished the post. I guess that one little code was messing up my blog, because after that everything was back to normal. Whew!

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        • I agree. Plus I am tired of always having to learn new things. Every new cell phone, every new version of Microsoft Windows, now even my favorite graphic design software, everything is constantly being changed all around. Like I told you once before, my brain is full.

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          • When your brain gets old and sclerotic like mine, it can be a real struggle. I had been stumbling along for some time with an outdated browser, which my tech guy (aka my son) told me couldn’t be updated any more unless he uninstalled and then reinstalled the operating system (at least I think that’s what he said — I don’t actually understand any of that stuff)… So I had to back up everything onto my external hard drive, and then he spent a few hours doing whatever it was that needed doing (thank God I wasn’t paying him by the hour!), then re-entered all the stuff from the external hard drive… but now everything looks different, a lot of things work differently, and a lot of my stuff isn’t where I think it should be, so I spend a lot of time playing hide and seek. Ugh. All this tech stuff is like learning a foreign language — easy for the young folks, but infuriatingly difficult for us geezers.

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            • When my son was 8, he knew more than I did. I actually asked him to help me with computer problems! I know a lot more now than I did when he was 8 (blogging teaches you a lot) but I don’t know anywhere near as much as he does. It’s like his generation have differently wired brains.

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            • My son knew more than I did about computers when he was 2, which is how old he was when we got our first (very primitive) computer, 29 years ago. I had zero interest in learning how to use it; I had an IBM Selectric typewriter that I’d used for years and it suited me just fine. But when the Selectric died, and I couldn’t find anyone to repair it, I realized that I had to learn to use a computer. My husband was going to explain it to me, and our son — who was still in diapers at the time and not even verbal yet — was just sort of hanging around watching. I sat down in front of the keyboard and said, “Okay, what do I do first?” and my husband said, “First you have to turn it on.” I began looking for the “on” switch, which on my typewriter had been on the keyboard. Immediately our son dived under the table and turned the computer on using the switch on the power strip on the floor. That was the first inkling I had that this kid was going to be a real geek (in the very best sense of the word).


            • WOW! When he was TWO? That’s impressive! I really do think the younger generation has evolved a different kind of brain. (my daughter though, who is 22, is as clueless about computers as I am).

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