I’d rather be fat and chill.


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  1. I love the sun too but I learned my lesson this past Summer 2015 . NEVER AGAIN. at 41 years old ive avoided the sun intentionally for many years. 10 years…. I had all my glorious tanned sun worshipping days in my teens and 20’s then pale white ghost all of 30’s. arly 40’s…and maintained GOOD YOUNG looking skin
    all it took was ONE summer
    like a dummy without sunscreen.. all summer… as my JOB had me OUTDOORS the entire 8 hours 6 days a week…
    and ive been paying for it ever since even NOW.
    I wear makeup/foundation and I switched to one like a dummy without any spf cuz it looked so good
    …im used to my foundation having high spf so I didn’t bother with ay separate spf lotion.
    I started to get TAN
    and I started to
    LIKE IT!!!!
    for the first time in like 12+ years I could buy the foundation not only the second one down from the left but the third! and I thought this is so cool!(im always lightest/porcelain ivory)

    ok so by August my skin was doing WEIRD HORRIBLE things like I did ten years of damage in one summer.
    its been flip flopping ever since,even though ive been INSIDE
    the whole texture is ruined ..new lines… very very bad. ive never even seen anything like it and ive been sooo depressed over it and doing things every single day to fix it
    that’s what happens when you seem to instantly go from all good to what the??
    to top it off I did a TCA peel trying to fix my skin and gave myself scar of all things
    been there since October,its a scar then!
    bad one too
    one summer,and at this age can literally take 1 year to heal im serious
    I loved being tan but ill chalk it up to a youth thing…..
    that’s when it looks and feels good,even though they say that’s when it will age you later on..
    anytime its bad!
    im not into self tanners
    too much work.
    ill stay pale.
    oh yea and to be fatter is to look younger too:) that’s one good thing haha
    they say under 40 lose weight = look younger
    over 40 lose weight = look older!
    why else do they inject collagen fillers in their faces!!! cuz those celebrities made their bodies too thin! and look old!

    whew lets all keep a balance haha


  2. I stuck to a diet for exactly 30 days now with ZERO cheating of even a bite the entire time. not even one slip up. 1200(-1400 max some days) cal a day which is like starvation diet for me..and wwent down a whopping 4.9 pounds.
    in 30 days
    that’s pathetic!!!!!!!!! I mean im shocked
    metabolic resistance?
    calories too low?
    I read on message boards it was too low and to up it to 1600 and workout I would lose more
    (on 1200 its sedentary…. and lose.. too tired also to workout so it sucks, )
    I cant do the 1200
    im switching to low carb and ill lose ten in a month the way im supposed to on a diet.. not 5!!
    my diet was equal parts fat protein..lots of fiber…carbs all equal but 1200 just wasn’t enough

    I did atkins before with great success
    its just that’s its all fat and protein no carbs so I get stabbing pains under my shoulder blade everytime.. gallstones or something
    but I learned a trick too to stop it and I want to try it again
    (just drink half cup olive oil with lemon juice….)

    losing weight is #1 cause of gallstones they say
    low fat diet gives you stones too! causes gallbladder to constrict and then you take a lot of fat to open it and get stones out
    this is gross lol
    everything is balance
    I admit I wasn’t working out
    I like to diet first.. a month and get some weight off and feel lighter and then start exercise…
    just too tired:/
    stress yes! but seems to keep weight on me….

    heavy coffee drinker all throughout the day too (with little if any sugar creamer)
    and they say that doesn’t help diet yet all the diet pills are loaded with caffeine

    I wanna lose 30
    the same 30 I gained in ONE year.
    actually 6 months
    I went down 30 and up 30 each in 6 months
    each year

    tired of it!
    I get stressed and overeat/binge eat
    main vices
    nachos and
    potato chips
    I haven’t had a potato chip in 30 days
    so you can imagine being discouraged im down 4 pounds
    not giving up:) still didn’t go off the diet and am not..just changing the diet…
    to low carb
    ill try a diff diet each month.. they say that works…changing it up…

    ill have to add exercise
    ive asked for a $40 treadmill off of craigslist for my birthday
    I must exercise indoors
    im too shy /scared to go outside/in public as of yet.. for running or exercise
    unless with someone I feel safe with..thats like 3 people and happens 2 times a year so
    I want a treadmill:)


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