I like looking at photos of the inside of other people’s refrigerators.



Here’s a Fun Fact about me:

I’ve always loved to look at photos of the inside of other people’s refrigerators. I have an unhealthy curiosity about the contents of other people’s fridges.   But it has to be a picture, because in a picture I can sit in the privacy of my own home, silently admiring or judging the kinds of food I see there without people thinking I’m weird or want their food (because usually, I don’t).

My son just received his work bonus and tweeted the above photo of his newly full fridge (you can actually click on it to make it bigger).

This made me far happier than it should have,  because even if he was just some random person and not my son, that photo would have still made me happy.   I just really like looking at photos of the contents of people’s fridges.

As his somewhat overprotective mom, I’m also relieved to see his eating habits seem pretty healthy, based on what I can see there (maybe he hides all the junk food in a different fridge, or in the cabinets).   It looks pretty well organized to me.  He also apparently likes pickles (which I do not).

I guess you could say I’m a tad on the eccentric side, but without our little eccentricities, the world sure would be a boring place.

I’d post a picture of my own half-empty fridge, but the light in it is out.  When I get it replaced (and go food shopping), I promise I’ll post a picture. It’s also dirty so I have to clean it.

Maybe — and I say this in half-seriousness — I will start another blog all that just shows pictures of the insides of people’s refrigerators, and think up funny or snarky captions for them.  I think there might be demand out there for such a blog, if one doesn’t already exist.