Rescuing a baby squirrel.

My son’s partner and roommate is an animal lover and works with abandoned, orphaned, and wounded animals.   Today he received a call from a friend who had an emergency situation involving an orphaned baby squirrel.    He’s always available on call, so the friend brought the squirrel over.

What happened was the little squirrel had actually come up to the woman, which is very unusual for any wild animal (if it’s an adult, you have to be careful with any sort of unusual behavior because it could mean the animal has rabies).   She said the squirrel seemed hungry, and realized it had somehow become separated from its mother but was far too young to take care of itself.  The baby seems healthy enough, but needs to be fostered until it can be released back into the wild.   Here is a photo I got.  The rest were too blurry to post (the baby was moving so much it was hard to get a good photo).