Rescuing a baby squirrel.

My son’s partner and roommate is an animal lover and works with abandoned, orphaned, and wounded animals.   Today he received a call from a friend who had an emergency situation involving an orphaned baby squirrel.    He’s always available on call, so the friend brought the squirrel over.

What happened was the little squirrel had actually come up to the woman, which is very unusual for any wild animal (if it’s an adult, you have to be careful with any sort of unusual behavior because it could mean the animal has rabies).   She said the squirrel seemed hungry, and realized it had somehow become separated from its mother but was far too young to take care of itself.  The baby seems healthy enough, but needs to be fostered until it can be released back into the wild.   Here is a photo I got.  The rest were too blurry to post (the baby was moving so much it was hard to get a good photo).


10 thoughts on “Rescuing a baby squirrel.

  1. sooo soo cute! ive always LOVED squirrels so much! good deeds yesss ,my brother had a pet squirrel he could cradle in his arms 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness… too cute!

    In the past two months I have rescued a starving tortoiseshell tabby cat, an injured wild grackle bird, a young pit bull mix, and three starving chocolate lab puppies. My husband and stepdaughter and I are getting tired!!

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      • I have helped rescue animals before, but never so many in so short a time! The starving cat showed up on our porch begging for food, the injured bird was hopping around the back yard, the 3 starving puppies I saw out on the highway when we were coming back from church, and the abandoned pit bull mix was hanging around a Dollar General store in 105 degree heat, skinny as a rail. My stepdaughter and I gave her water, then food, then talked to the store manager, who said she had been hanging around for about three months. I did not want another dog, especially not one of her breed. But she is so perfectly loving and it is very hard to find a home for a pit bull, so we are keeping her.

        We are looking for homes for the lab puppies, now that we have debugged and dewormed them and fattened them up. We found one a home, still have two puppies left. We also found a good home for the cat, yay. My husband is allergic, or I would have kept her, she was the perfect cat, so sweet and beautiful. As for the bird, he got better and flew away… at least, I hope that’s what happened, I’m not entirely sure.

        After the pups all have homes, we will be left with just our two rescue dogs, the pit bull mix and the small poodle we also found starving on the highway two years ago when he was only a puppy. Luckily the pit and the poo get along great! 🙂

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  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww! So cute i feel like squealing! my passion is guinea pigs but i love all fuzzy mammals and most other creatures too….so gorgeous…..glad it was rescued….

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