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The blogger who wrote this article (it’s the only article in their blog) has made some incendiary remarks to commenters in my article “Restaurant Customers who Don’t Tip” and has even resorted to namecalling and insulting my readers. This blogger evidently has issues with restaurant servers and really shouldn’t be eating out, since someone like this is unlikely to ever leave a restaurant happy, and probably makes both wait staff and management miserable with their nitpicky demands.

Although I welcome dissenting opinions on my blog, trollish behavior is never acceptable, and I have warned this user that any further trollish comments will be edited or removed. I want to keep a peaceful website.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on Spring1’s profile and found their blog with its single article. I was shocked at the venom spewed toward restaurant servers and thought it should be called out, so I’m reblogging it. I find it interesting that it’s their first article and has 112 comments but not one Like.

I hope I’m not opening a can of worms here. Until I published my article about customers who don’t tip, I had no idea this was such a controversial issue.

Springs1's Blog

I have some comments about this blog and since on that blog they are no longer excepting comments, I would like to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with the comments I have for it

I agree with these:

“24. Never use the same glass for a second drink.”

YET, servers all the time pour tea from the pitchers when they can get you a fresh glass with FRESH ICE(not watered down) and not some tea in the glass sweetened already.  The servers should get you a new slice of lemon(if you want lemon with your tea that is), served ONLY on the rim of the glass NOT EVER in the glass as the seeds can come loose in the tea,  and a new glass of tea.  NEVER should the server pour at your table, especially risking spilling it on the table. 

Also, even for soft drinks, sometimes some…

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Restaurant customers who don’t tip

My son, who works as a waiter at Carrabba’s, served a 50-top today for a large group. Pictured below is the bill, which shows no tip was included.


Management asked the customer if the service was alright, and they said it was. They told management they thought the tip would be taken out automatically, but I smell bullshit. Management is “taking care of it,” whatever that means.

Wait staff make less than minimum wage, and tips is what they have to live on. While tipping isn’t required, it’s common courtesy and is expected, unless the service was really terrible. Even if this patron only tipped 10% (15%-20% is actually the correct amount to tip), then the wait staff who worked this event should split a tip of $95.50. Really, it should have been nearly twice that.

Not leaving a tip for a large bill like this, when the service was satisfactory, is rude beyond belief, considering the amount of work required by the wait staff, who could have been serving smaller tables and making more money.