I almost deleted my hard drive!


Boy, did I just have a scare.
For the past couple of weeks my system has been freezing and crashing a lot. I noticed I hadn’t received any Windows updates in a while, and got worried. I manually checked for updates because I thought they weren’t updating automatically, but the green “checking for updates” bar kept scrolling as if looking but never found anything.

Meanwhile I kept getting messages to download Windows 10 (I currently use 8). I didn’t want Windows 10, and kept trying to get Windows 8 updates but nothing was happening.
I finally ran the Troubleshooter but it wasn’t able to run.

I rebooted the system and tried to run the Troubleshooter again, to no avail. Pages were still freezing and crashing. I thought it had something to do with updates not being installed. I finally went on a Windows help page, and decided to try to restore my whole system.


But I didn’t see the part about needing to reinstall everything. I would need to have the Windows 8 disc for that, but I never had one because I installed it online, not from a disc. But I didn’t see that part until after I hit the “system restore” button. Then I saw the information about needing to reinstall all these programs, some of which I’d never heard of.

I tried to think of what to do. I had no idea how to abort the whole process, but I tried shutting down the system by pressing the on/off button. At first I thought it wasn’t going to work, because when it came back on, I got a message that said, “working on system restore.” Just as I was going to hit the button again, the screen went black. It stayed that way for a few minutes and I was sure I’d fried my computer.

Finally, a new message appeared: “undoing changes.” I waited a few more minutes and finally all my screens came back on. I was very relieved. On a whim I tried to retrieve the updates again. It kept scrolling so I tried the troubleshooter again, and this time it worked! It told me a registry was corrupted and said the problem was fixed. I tried to install the updates again, and it worked. There was only one update though–installing Windows 10. I never wanted Windows 10, but now I have it. I guess that’s how Windows gets you to upgrade–by making your life hell until you do. How sneaky of them!
But at least my computer is running smoothly now and not crashing and freezing anymore.

The scare I had this morning.


I practically live on my laptop. But this morning, when I tried to start it, I kept getting a message saying Windows couldn’t open because a fan wasn’t working.

I panicked, not only because of my two blogs, but also because I’m running ads online right now for a new roommate to move in after Oct. 1 (my roommate is moving back to Florida). I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck, and my car needs repairs (I’ve been driving the company vehicle for the time being but it’s really only for work purposes). I was all set to take this thing over to Geek Squad tomorrow and worry about the price later, and I told my roommate I needed a few minutes a day to borrow her Notebook for a few days so I could check my messages about the room (and write a short, sad post saying there wouldn’t be any new posts for an indefinite period of time).

I always thought my roommate was sort of a mental lightweight, but she actually is smarter about computers than me. She had me take the battery out and clean up its compartment, and blow a fan into the vent area in the back (where the fan is). Both were caked with dirt and now it’s working fine. So that’s one thing I can stop worrying about for now. I felt pretty stupid, but that’s better than not having a working computer. I need that like I need a hole in the head.

Oh, wait. Maybe I do have a hole in my head — where “common sense” should be. 😳