Monday Melody: Little Red Corvette (Prince)


In memory of Prince, I want to feature a song of his as this week’s Monday Melody. He was and still is one of my favorite ’80’s pop artists. This is one of my favorite Prince songs. It was difficult finding much recorded Prince music on Youtube, because he was opposed to his music being made available on Youtube.

I hope he is resting in peace.

Due to Prince’s objection to his music being reproduced on Youtube, his songs can’t be found there. The original video I posted was deleted, so I found another source. Unfortunately, I can’t embed this video so you will need to click on the link.

Rated PG-13: I never realized how raunchy this song is, but it’s still great!

Prince is dead….what?

I’m in shock.  I just now found out Prince was found dead today.    He died of complications of the flu.    I can’t believe it.  He always seemed like a paragon of good health to me.

There have been way too many great artists passing on way too soon.

RIP Prince.  You will be missed.