I like this look.


I can already see that the 2010’s have a distinctive “look,” much like the decades from the 1960s – 1980s had a visual “personality” that forever will identify the decade it came from.

The look I’m talking about can be seen on everything from lampshades to throw pillows to clothing. Modern fabrics come in large, bold geometrical or stylized floral patterns. Big, stylized lattices seem to be especially popular. In home decor, I’m seeing lots and lots of white, with a lot of accent accessories, furniture, and sometimes entire walls printed in these brightly colored patterns or sometimes solids.

I don’t know why, but I associate this look with Target. I’m not sure if they started it though. Maybe HGTV did. I don’t remember seeing these patterns much before 2010 and possibly later, so it does seem these will become associated with this decade, much as boomerang and chevron patterns in pastels are associated with the 1950s, psychedelic patterns and paisley became associated with the 1960s, and dark earth tones and lots of wood paneling became associated with the 1970s. I don’t know why, but the 1990s and 2000s don’t seem to have an easily identifiable “look.”

I really like this look, especially in home decor, so here’s some photographs of what I’m talking about. I’m sure everyone’s seen it, but probably hasn’t given it much thought.

Stylized lattices.

A different type of lattice.

Modern zig zag pattern.

Stylized floral pattern.

Modern chair.

Checkered pillow.

Flip flops.

Whimsical lampshade (looks like a ’60s throwback to me).

A bunch o’lampshades.

Pillow and light fixture.

Bunch o’chairs.

Thirty or forty years from now, the babies of today will be rolling their eyes at great Grandma’s kelly-green and white lattice-pattern curtains, saying “That’s SO 2015.”