“Also a Fox” reviews the 12 worst songs of 2014 on “Radio Recall”

My son a/k/a Also A Fox, has a music video show called “Radio Recall.” This video, originally posted on his channel on Youtube but due to their draconian copyright infringement rules, had to be moved to Vimeo. When he did his 12 Worst Songs of 2013, they allowed THAT to stay up (it’s actually in 3 parts), but made him remove his 12 BEST songs to Vimeo. WHY?

Anyway, here are his picks for the 12 worst songs of 2014. From what I know of it, I think the music of 2014 was pretty horrific anyway, and I agree this list has about the most unlistenable songs I have ever heard, if you even call it music. Eh, maybe I’m just too old to like this stuff. But his funny remarks and cutaways make the video worth watching.

Stay tuned for his 12 BEST songs of 2014, which will be up around January 22.