Emotional Literacy as a Gateway for Healing C-PTSD (Richard Grannon)

Another great video to help sufferers of C-PTSD heal from Richard Grannon (SpartanLifeCoach).

5 thoughts on “Emotional Literacy as a Gateway for Healing C-PTSD (Richard Grannon)

      • Me too. He’s pretty much my go-to on YT for the topic. And I think he’s the only one I’m still subbed to on YT that I subbed to back when I first started watching stuff on narc abuse.

        He’s evolved with me I guess you could say. From talking so heavily about narcs and what they do, to practical info and exercises about healing from the post trauma the abuse caused.

        I was watching other video creators who talked a lot about their own experience as well as giving info and I still check them out from time to time. But last year a group of those vid creators got into a bunch of drama (ganging up predominantly on one of them) and I unsubbed to all of them.

        I subbed back to one who is talking more now about politics and what’s going on in Canada. She’s the one that got ganged up on and the one who’s videos I sent you in a comment a few posts ago.

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        • What I like about Grannon is he seems to have moved on from the narc-hatred and now gives practical, helpful advice to anyone who wants to improve their lives and reduce the effects of narcissism in their lives. He seems pretty well rounded and doesn’t spend all his time dwelling on the negatives and hatemongering. Of course, some narc-abuse victims who are still stuck in the hate mentality resent him for that.

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          • Yeah, his moving on attracts me to him and his videos as well. I, like you, had gotten enough of the narc hating.

            I’ve still got anger I’m dealing with but my focus, for the most part is on myself.

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