The worst toy I ever had.

I dragged up this old post just in time for Christmas! No one seems to remember this toy. It’s not too hard to understand why.

Lucky Otters Haven


Christmas, 1966.   For months I’d been begging my parents to buy me the hottest new toy the commercials were telling me I just had to have: a walking, barking dog called Penny the Poodle.  Even if you’re old enough to remember this horrible toy, you may not, because it was quickly forgotten after the initial pre-Christmas hype.    I’m sure millions of small children spent that Christmas Day in tears of disappointment and frustration when they realized Penny the Poodle did NOT live up to the hype.

Here’s the commercial, which in retrospect, was pretty creepy, even for those days:

I remember unwrapping the large box with joyful anticipation, ripping off the green and red foil paper and bows to reveal the “Penny the Poodle” logo and the see-through window on the side of the box that revealed Penny’s Pepto-Bismol pink head.

Eagerly, I pried her out of the…

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6 thoughts on “The worst toy I ever had.

  1. Ever hear of The Elf on the Shelf? That sounds like the worst of the worst. This elf is supposed to spy on kids and tell Santa who’s been “naughty or nice.” Here’s what they say: “At the North Pole, Santa has many helpers who make the Christmas season special! His scout elves serve as his eyes and ears in homes around the world, while his Elf Pets® play special roles in creating Christmas spirit that will help Santa complete all of his Christmas duties. Read on to learn more about the scout elves, Elf Pets® Reindeer, and Elf Pets® Saint Bernard, and find out how your family can start a new Christmas tradition this year!”

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  2. Aw, I’m so sorry that happened, but I’m glad you’re able to look back on it and laugh now. Thirty years later, there would be FurReals’ Scamps the Playful Pup, who you could train to do various tricks (he needed batteries, though). I got one for Christmas as a little kid, and though it worked pretty well, I could never get it to do everything it was supposed to. 😛

    I also had a doll who could talk, eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom, but honestly, I was kind of creeped out by her (that plastic-y face with those never-blinking eyes…plus she had to stay on all the time or else I’d have to reprogram her with what time it was, what day of the week, etc.).


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