Narcissistic Traits by Sun Sign.


This isn’t meant to be serious; I don’t even believe in astrology, but I still thought this article was interesting and funny.  Who knows, maybe there’s some truth to it too.

Narcissistic Traits By Sun Sign

By Jacqueline Hart

Aries- The all out, malignant Narcissist. He is always right, likely to be violent or a loud abuser. Temper is sudden and explosive, and if you leave him he will stalk you even though he is likely already sleeping with your sister and best friend.

Taurus- This Narcissist wants stuff and will sell their grandmother to get it. Change your bank passwords if you break up with a Taurus Narcissist.

Gemini- The two faced Narcissist. This is the narcissist who runs the smear campaign and hides behind “flying monkeys.” They behave as though nothing bothers them because they prefer not to get their hands dirty. After all, they have to keep the image of the public persona spotless. This narcissist uses words to wound.

Cancer- The victim narcissist. Probably on meds for depression or anxiety, but not seeing a therapist. Epic mother issues that include all mothers, including the mother/s of their own children. He will fight you for the kids in court, and then abandon them. (Because if you have a baby, you can’t be the baby!) This narcissist will cheat with same sex partners or whoever is available. They need constant babying or there will be a temper tantrum.

Leo- Stereotypical narcissist. It’s all about them all the time. The charmer, the romantic, and the makes you want to puke in your mouth every time they speak because they are so obviously full of themselves, kind of narcissist. This is the malignant type of narcissist, the Hollywood version of narcissist.

Virgo- This Narcissist will attempt to confuse you with mundane details that disguise the lies they tell. When angry they destroy your finances or physical property. They will use anything they do for you as leverage to prove you are ungrateful and don’t deserve them. This is the sign that will claim they have cancer or another terminal illness, for attention.

Libra- The cheating isn’t a one night stand, it’s a hidden wife and three kids. Women will use affection and making you look good, or bad, to control you. Change all bank passwords and don’t put anything in their name. They are also likely to stalk you if you try to leave them. This is a sad narcissist, because Libra is all about relationships, and a narcissist will never find what they want because they cannot give what is required.

Scorpio- Run. This Narcissist uses sex and fear to intimidate, control and cause pain. A healthy Scorpio is a being capable of death and rebirth within one lifetime. They can shed old behaviors and characters and reinvent themselves, beautifully. In the narcissist, this ability is blocked by wounds and fear. This is the narcissist on the FBI’s most wanted list. Like I said, run.

Sagittarius- This one prefers public humiliation. Where most narcissists are kind in public and humiliate you at home, the Sagittarius narcissist reverses this approach with a similar effect. This narc makes you believe you are only safe when you are alone with and completely dependent upon him. Gross, huh? The Sagittarius narcissist also hides in religion or spiritual beliefs. This is the David Koresh narcissist.This Narcissist is always right and will use gaslighting like it’s their job.

Capricorn- This narcissist uses guilt and authority to control. His favorite weapon is fear and he comes off as the disappointed father or teacher who has no choice but to teach you a lesson. They are likely to be scarier when silent, than when speaking.

Aquarius- This narcissist is definitely using their connections in whatever circles to intimidate their prey. You will find the proof of the affairs and other lies on the internet and by hacking their email and social media. This narcissist is interested in appearing to be a guru or inspirational leader.

Pisces- The lies will be epic and constant. They are not happy unless they are someone’s victim and if you refuse to abuse them, that’s okay. They will act like you do and they will tell everyone you do. If you even look as though you might be thinking about confronting them with a real issue, you will be faced with manufactured pain and tears so over the top you are likely to be embarrassed for the two of you. This is the addicted narcissist.

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6 thoughts on “Narcissistic Traits by Sun Sign.

  1. I love it! Most of them were right on. I’m a Taurus. What is your ex? I love the one about Scorpio. My moon is in Scorpio. James is a Scorpio (he also doesn’t believe in Astrology). Male Aries are obnoxious but I love female Aries.

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    • My ex is a Taurus. :/ (sorry!) I’m Cancer. My therapist is an Aries and probably the mildest, sweetest person you ever met, not at all narcissistic.


  2. my ex was scorpio and fear wounds and especially sex was his weapon
    sex the thing I wouldn’t have with him for a year at a time! but he was into ..whats the word… well porn and.. like devious evil abusive sex (which is why id not do it) I hated his sick desires.its funny about the healthy scorpio being reborn in same lifetime because he has expressed wanting to do that and cant understand why as a porn addict with abusive desires he just cant do it. he would actually use abusive threats of sex as a weapon.. making sure youd not like it… he got stuck with it himself and now he cannot ‘regenerate’ or be reborn etc…
    strange one .
    (like many abusive porn addicts, if the male porn addict knows his female counterpart is hurt and hates the porn addiction..instead of ever saying sorry or thinking about it he would just say “aha aha” and rub it in….. that is a worthless creature to me.. demanding that you not love them….wasting your time)
    alli can say is he would watch the porn of “the worst kind” and id find it on the computer and feel terror shocks run through my body..pain and tears . and trauma.. at the images to which he was so used to he made fun of me… totally normal to him… he would never ever address my feeling on it..except to say something is wrong with me for not liking it too (because he is narc and nothing could be wrong with him!)
    narc and porn addiction is one of the worst forms of abuse..because its sexual abuse! (the nature of the videos he liked) and means it expresses his inner desires… fantasy that he would then try to involve me in and get angry that I hated it all.
    I am so glad I never met anyone before or after that addicted to porn that I knew of
    but being an empath my soul was damaged MORE from the porn than the narc.. (I seemed to have ‘taken it on’ and totally unable to deal with that one!)
    that’s just a loss
    many women who have dealt with porn addiction even with non narcs have devastating consequences…but with the narc.he will stab your soul with it intentionally. mistakenly thinking abusing someone means they care……!
    he seemed hurt in his childish warped obsession that I cared MORE then about the sickness in the porn industry and the real peope in the videos than HIM
    I kept telling him “those are real people being hurt and abused”
    and he would probably then hate himself because he ‘liked’ it? so he was in denial and thought no they LOVE this!
    very sick world that one
    no wonder later he told me he was raped as a boy and “liked it”
    (its not true it was one of his tactics) all his words become his own self fulfilling prophecy for not caring and for abusing others.
    when he attacked me after 5 years of no contact.. he had even said that again(he said something in an email about being forced to ‘like’ something sexual I forgot exactly as it all makes me sick and I consider it further abuse! I am wise to him… the things that are supposed to invoke pity are well orchestrated abuse tactics)… clear he is still dealing with his demons.
    my best friend since childhood, a female friend.. is scorpio. she never even showed the teensiest sign of narc…
    her birthday is one day from his! so the two most important influencing and longest relationships I had..were good one evil.
    I am Aries
    it made me wonder if I had a thing for scorpios or not
    I get along well with a Libra. long term.. he is calm…almost too calm! predictable.. a bit too predictable……I always feel a calm before a storm…
    he has little explosions then long long terms of calm again

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  3. oh this is funny I just read the libra one and I have been dealing with for years now.. the importance of putting things in my name and having my own bank account.. I don’t know if he is a narc..but he can definitely ruin your bank account!
    he is so quiet and he did cheat and deny it.. for years at a time.finding out by accident proved the man can show no signs of it! .. so the wife and kids on the side., I can see,… no he doesn’t have that as he is always home,.. but I see it possible so .its funny how horoscopes can be…if anyone could do that he could. its in his culture though… that’s a whole other story (another country) I don’t want to get into that but ive learned well “the ways” he non stop lies and thinks I do not know.
    I say we ‘get along’ its because im wise to it…women in that culture..some of them are too and they just accept it as a way of life.. only waiting to leave,. it is a sad way to be
    to never really be loved or get what you want.. because everyone around you is wise and just waiting to leave you
    the ‘quiet’ abuser is very bad too. as there is not outright abuse
    no hitting ,yelling.. emotional verbal abuse
    its all quietness and neglect so you don’t know… or take years to understand…
    my therapist said he is “placating” you
    I had no idea..everyone loves him…l. charming quiet hardworking
    but he is ‘just a friend’ now and he did that to himself
    I am just waiting financially to leave
    he knows I am too strong an wise to ever accept he has little explosions from time to time
    and he RESPECTS Me now
    I will not sleep with him
    he knows I am a ‘roommate’ with RIGHTS.. of space peace and self respect and COMFORT. til I can leave
    therefore he is reasonable and does NOT ‘fight back’ with abuse and pain like a scorpio or a bad narc… but its still painful to be like “fine you know and I know the ‘deal’

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