Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos #2

I can’t get enough of these.  Here’s the second installment.    If you need more, like I do, you can visit their website:


This property was previously used as Module 3 in an Aversion Therapy course to treat severe paranoia.

For a variety of reasons, this is one shower that should be checked thoroughly before use.

Some people like to read while on the toilet. Others prefer to be inundated by multiple confusing and contradictory reflections of themselves, repeating into infinity.

“Paint me like one of your French girls“

This bathroom features a small sink, a mirror, and a man with a beard who just sort of stands there.

That way you can still work on the garden even if it’s raining.

“Totally safe, I swear. They’re not due back til the afternoon”

“OK guys they’re coming back. Hold still and stay quiet.”

Garden Chairs of Solitude are notoriously easy to offend. It’ll take a sincere apology to bring this one back to the table.

The first Garden Chair of Solitude Olympics were not a success.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos #1:


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  1. katiesdream2004 says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh today…

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  2. nowve666 says:

    They really use this to treat paranoia? How odd.


  3. Bradley says:

    I love to laugh and you made it happen.

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  4. I saw the humor! Got a good laugh:)

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