Snow in MAY?


I just heard my local forecast on the news.   Some locations in my area are predicted to get SNOW tomorrow morning!   Temperatures were unseasonably cool today, and tomorrow is actually going to be cold, at least in the morning.    Guess I better bring in the plants overnight.

This has been the craziest year for weather ever.   I remember how warm Christmas was–it was about 74 degrees here and I sat outside in flip flops and a T-shirt.  Guess Mother Nature is bored and is mixing thing up for shitz and giggles.


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14 Responses to Snow in MAY?

  1. jdawgswords says:

    I saw snow in Amarillo, tx in june…8″ and it was overnight and melted the next day

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  2. That is so bizarre. It is unseasonably cool here now but no snow in the forecast and you are South of me.

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    • luckyotter says:

      I’m in a mountainous area, I don’t think there will be snow where I live, but probably in some of the higher elevations. So weird though.


  3. trE says:

    Mother Nature is totally temperamental. Lol

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  4. Thumbup says:

    I remember it happened in Iowa many moons ago when I was a kid. Lately as years go by especially the most recent years, it snowed less and less.

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  5. nowve666 says:

    I was in Berchtesgaden, Germany in May one year when it started snowing. My shoes were not up to the task.

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  6. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I had a lot of snow today too….it just all melted before it hit the ground. 😉

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  7. Yeah I had the heat on this morning. I was chilly.

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