What sign is your personality disorder?

Since this old post is currently going viral and is more for fun than anything else (and this blog could use a little lightness right now), I figured I’d throw this up here again. Enjoy!

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This post is strictly for fun. It’s not meant to belittle personality disorders or the people who have them, nor do I believe in astrology. The idea came from a funny conversation I was having on Facebook today.

Cluster A Personality Disorders (anxious)

1. Avoidant: Cancer
(fearful of rejection, sensitive, homebody, shy, cautious)

2. Dependent: Pisces
(wants to be taken care of, clingy, passive, codependent)

3. Obsessive-compulsive: Virgo/Taurus
(clean/neat freak, obsessed with order and predictability; cautious and stubborn)

Cluster B Personality Disorders (dramatic, emotional)

1. Borderline: Libra
(wild mood swings, romantic fantasies, changes mind, can’t make decisions, can’t take sides)

2. Narcissistic: Scorpio/Aries
(vindictive when injured, easily offended; arrogant and entitled, infantile)

3. Histrionic: Leo
(full of themselves, dramatic displays of shallow emotion, vain, grandiose)

4. Antisocial: Gemini
(two faced, fast talkers, glib, deceitful, manipulative)

Cluster C Personality Disorders (odd or eccentric)

1. Schizoid: Capricorn
(asocial, reclusive, rigid, serious)


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7 Responses to What sign is your personality disorder?

  1. nowve666 says:

    I think you got Cluster A and Cluster C mixed up. Cluster A is the “odd” one and C the avoidant one, isn’t it? And ASPD Gemini? No way. It’s Scorpio! BTW, I just noticed the new title of your blog. “Confessions of a Recovering Borderline.”

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  2. Bradley says:

    I’m Libra and I can’t argue with a single thing it says

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  3. nintschgo says:

    😀 love this!

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