The progression of autumn: October 7

This was the first perfect fall day this year. More brilliant colors are showing now, especially yellow, and the day was warm and sunny with no humidity. My spirits were a bit higher today because of the brilliant sunshine and I even spent a little time on my front porch when I got home, just enjoying the perfect weather and the scenery.
I didn’t bother taking pictures this past weekend because it was still rainy and there wasn’t anything really spectacular to take pictures of.
Because of all the rain we had over the past two weeks, the grass also needed a mow.





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2 thoughts on “The progression of autumn: October 7

  1. Beautiful!

    We are flooding here in my little corner of New Mexico right now. Not the kind of flood where you have to climb up on the roof and wait for a helicopter to rescue you, just the kind where you have to run out into the pouring rain and move the car out of the flooding street up to the higher elevation of the front lawn.

    ….and the roof is leaking.
    In two places.

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