The progression of Autumn: September 27


It was overcast today, which created a nice contrast with the changing leaves.  It’s interesting the way they seem to change from the top first and then work their way down.



I’m not sure what kind of berries these are and the picture doesn’t capture the bright red color, but I thought this tree was cute.

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10 thoughts on “The progression of Autumn: September 27

  1. Oh man! WordPress answered my question by giving me a link which I took. I had unbelievable trouble. I put in a whole menu and it didn’t behave right. I deleted several menus before I finally left the default menu and managed to get The Bad Seed in so now people can reach every page from every page.

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    • We don’t have autumn here yet. October is the hottest month. I like the weather in New York. A hot summer cooled off by occasional thunderstorms. September is the onset of autumn. Perfect. It’s when school starts. You put on your new school clothes. Feel the snap in the air. Hear the fallen leaves crackle as you step on them. I feel sorry for kids here who have to go to school in summer weather.

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      • I think it is one of those things that you can take it for granted if you see it all the time. I feel meh about the beach but I know a lot of ppl that feel exactly the opposite.

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        • I don’t think I could ever feel Meh about the beach, but when I moved here in ’93, I didn’t think I could ever feel meh about the country or the mountains either. So you’re probably right.

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