More family drama.

My son with a huge telephoto lens The Parasite sent him.

The Parasite (my ASPD/malignant narc ex) is now giving my son the silent treatment. A few days ago, flush with all his new money, he sent my son a very expensive, professional quality Nikon camera and various photographic accessories. It was nice of him. But there were strings attached: my son was told not to tell me The Parasite got his $31K from the government or tell me about the expensive photographic equipment he received. The Parasite must have known he would tell me though, because my son has always been honest to a fault. He’s honest even when he shouldn’t be.

So my son called the other night and told me, and that’s how I knew. He could tell I was upset even though I was happy that at least he’d bought my son a camera. He then told Parasite that he’d told me, and his father went ballistic, and has now blocked his calls and blocked him on Facebook and told my daughter he doesn’t want to ever speak to him again.

I know it’s temporary; he’s played these narc games before. My son being The Parasite’s second favorite scapegoat (after me), is used to being emotionally abused by his father. Growing up, there wasn’t much I could do to stop it.

But now the wonderful gift my son got is tainted. I know it would bother me a lot to look at a gift given to me by someone who days later blocked me and refused to speak to me just because I was honest. Especially if I was honest to someone I loved as much as my son loves me. The Parasite knows my son prefers me to him (even though my finances limit me to cheap gifts) and that enrages him. It just makes me so sad. I hope he’s still able to enjoy the gift.

On a happier note, my daughter got her engagement ring! I think they have the date set for April 20th (4/20, lol). She will have just turned 23. That’s young, but not too young, and her fiance is 4 years older. This is what she wanted so I’m happy.


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  1. Curious, why did your son tell you? I know you said he is honest to a fault but why did he still tell you about it?

    I hope his silent treatment isn’t bothering him and he can just live on and not let it bother him. “Oh Dad blocked me, typical him, he will get over it.” *moves on*

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    • Because he thought i should know, and I would have figured it out anyway, with the new cars in the driveway and new phones, furniture etc. In fact I’d already come to that conclusion, asked my daughter if he got his money, but she lied and said no (obviously his doing).

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      • But his money wouldn’t last long because you can only have so much in your account so you would have to spend all that money and then he is back to being poor again. SSDI/SSI doesn’t give you much. It must have taken him that long to get on it since he got back $31,000 and a car would take away a big chunk of that money unless he buys one used. Cars are costly unless they are POS.

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    • He has been doing shit like this to my son since he was a small child. 😦
      Fortunately, my son doesn’t appear to have any PD’s and got out of the house almost the day he turned 18. He needed to do that for his sanity. The worst problem my son seems to have is OCD and hypochondira. He’s very lucky.


      • I hope OCD and hypochondria are not preventing your son from living and enjoying a full and happy life.
        It’s difficult when children, even adult children (and I don’t think yours are adults yet since the brain does not fully mature until at least mid-20s) are caught in the middle of unhealthy parental relationships. I know mine have (now 23 and 25 so probably not completely mature yet) been caught in a few bad spots in my overall healthy marital relationship with their dad, but so far I have not seen many really deep scars on them as a result. If anything, I think they’re getting healthier since they moved away from us.😰 ❤️

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        • My son moved away at 18 and it’s the best thing he did. It was his choice. I understand why . But we are still very close and talk several times a week (he is more angry with his father).
          I don’t thinkhe’d be doing as well and becoming the man he is if he hadn’t made that escape. He now lives 700 miles away, which is hard sometimes because I can’t see him that often but he needs to be that far away right now.
          His OCD isn’t currently causing him too many problems but it was for awhile and he was in therapy for it. He’s much better now .
          My daughter, like me has BPD and it was rough going there for a few years, but she is getting her act together and is familiar with narcissism because I’ve talked to her so much about it. She’s in therapy too and has really grown up a lot this past year–she just got engaged and has quit smoking. She’s also thinking of finally going to college. 🙂

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