This song pretty much nails it.

Here’s a song from the ’90s that nails the evil mindset of the malignant narcissist.

6 thoughts on “This song pretty much nails it.

  1. Yes this is a great song! It made me smile. It was a welcome relief after reading your story which made me cry. I can identify with a lot of it.

    Thanks for coming to my blog. It has been so long since I have posted or read anything. I needed to walk away for awhile. Too much on my plate.

    I miss Henry Rollins, Black Flag and those 3am fries at Okie Dogs in Hollywood in the 1980’s.

    Nice to see Henry on the occasional TV. Saw him live doing spoken word somewhere back in the 90’s.


    • ARggghhh! I just wrote you a reply and lost it! I hate that.

      Yes, I miss all those 80s-90s bands too. Henry is an amazing person and done so many great things, not just in music. I miss rock music in general – it hasn’t really been popular in about 5 years. I do like some of the new indie stuff though, and lately I’ve even been listening to country music. (I used to hate it). Music is a big interest of mine, so look for future posts about it.

      I loved your blog! It’s very heartfelt and touching. I think that’s what good blogging is all about–total honesty. There’s not many places in IRL we can be that much of an open book. It’s hard to do at first, but it’s definitely very rewarding.

      I definitely understand about having to step back for awhile. There’s a forum I’ve been a member of for about 14 years, and several times I’ve had to leave for awhile and come back, due to the intensity of the topic and also lately there’s been a lot of trolls on that forum and it’s also losing members, probably because forums aren’t really a thing anymore. Oh well.


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    This was one of my very first posts, but I’m reblogging it now because “Liar” by Henry Rollins probably describes the evil mind games the malignant narcissist play with us better than any other. Rollins himself is no narcissist–he’s a multitalented man who is not only a poet and musician, but is deeply involved in many good causes that make our world a better place. But he sure acts the part well here!


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