Gaslighting therapist.


I was reading a blog about bad or unethical therapists, and there were over 700 replies! Some of the stories told were truly horrifying. While most therapists are probably good people who genuinely want to help, there are a good number of narcissists who go into the profession because being a “guru” feeds their egos. Here’s a somewhat humorous example of an exchange where the narcissistic therapist continually gaslights his patient.

Psy: “I can’t talk to you if you’re aggressive or angry. ”

Me: “But I’m not acting that way, what behaviors do you deem agressive or angry?”

Psy: “Just the agressive ones like you arguing is being aggressive.”

Me: “Well, I’m not arguing”

Psy: “Just letting you know I’m not going to argue with you” (silence for the remainder of my session)

OR the time he actually just outright told me to shut up (you know, the “talk therapy” where the counselor tells you to shut up)

OR another conversation:

Me: “Dr. (blank) I really need to tell you something, could you please listen”…

Psy: “go ahead, I’m listening”

Me: “the other day…(him interrupting me)

Psy: “just letting you know I’m listening”

Me: “well, as I was saying, the other day”… (2 seconds later-him interrupting)

psy: “yes, I’m listening”

Me: “well, the other day” (2 seconds later-him interrupting)

psy: “go ahead”

Me: (silence)

Psy: “go ahead”

Me: (silence)

then my next session a week later he states: “you really need to open up more”
YES, I did report Dr. Douchebag to the ethics board.

The patient went onto say he hoped his therapist would get eaten by a lion. I don’t blame him–that therapist’s behavior is incredibly crazymaking.