So proud of you, Alabama!

A bit late, but thank you, Alabama, for getting Doug Jones, a good man who will be wonderful for your state and for the entire country, to a seat in the Senate!

I never cared much about state elections before, but this one was so important for our democracy!  I couldn’t have been more overjoyed if it was a presidential election and my man or woman won!

Doug’s win was all the more special because yours is such a deep red state and you, the good people of Alabama, finally turned it Blue on Tuesday night.  What a nail-biter that night was, but you did it!  You showed America you stand by what’s right.  Maybe we’ve underestimated you.

I woke up thinking about this song, one I’ve always liked, so I’d like to dedicate it to the People of Alabama who put patriotism over party and did the almost impossible this week.   A giant step for Alabama, a giant step for the country.  Thank you!

I think the blue waves in Alabama (and Virginia) are the start of a huge blue tsunami coming in 2018.  Trump and the GOP better be ready!    We’re coming to take back our country and American values!


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    • Probably not! It’s the reddest of the red.
      I think the problem there (as it is in almost every state) is Dems and progressives sitting home, but the spectre of Roy Moore in the Senate scared lots of people — even conservatives– off their couches and they didn’t let any attempts at voter suppression stop them! Black women had a LOT to do with it too, and I’m so proud of them.

      This all goes to show, the People still have power in this country, but we have to do our part, and Alabamans did this time! We can do this. It won’t be easy but we can take our country back, and this proves we can. Doug Jones winning was the happiest I’ve been all year. Alabama will be much better for this wise choice and so will the rest of us. It’s so important. Roy Moore can just go take his horse and ride back off into obscurity, where he belongs.

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  1. The voter turnout (in the state that is the leader in voter suppression) was expected to be about 20%, but was actually 40%. That needs to be a message heard loud and clear by the Democratic Party. The difference? Women and Black voters. There is momentum to build on.

    Now, if the GOP can manage to fail to pass the Tax Bill …

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