You ought to be terrified right now.


They vote on the Net Neutrality repeal  in TWO DAYS.

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

This is not fake news.   The source is reliable and it can be cross referenced.

“Bad actors” is code for the resistance.  It doesn’t specifically say citizens will be policed.   But it’s what they actually are intending to do.   Big Brother has arrived.

They’re consolidating power at a much faster pace now.  Did you know they’re also planning on a privatized army led by Erik Prince?  Did you know there is a plan to repeal the 17th Amendment, which would mean we could no longer vote for the Senate?   You probably already know the end game of the tax bill is to explode the economy so they can say they can no longer afford to keep social security and Medicare (even though we pay into it with each paycheck) and then take it all away.  Yes, it’s happening.   It’s real.    It’s terrifying.

I feel sick.  They are taking away everything.  Turning us into a dictatorship.   I can’t even imagine what other horrors they have in store.   These monsters will stop at nothing to make sure we have no healthcare, no social security, no freedom, no rights, no voice, nothing.

Text RESIST to 50409.  Jam the phone lines.   Write letters.  Email.  Tweet.  Whatever.  This is an attempt to shut us down and silence our voices.

Tomorrow we can Break the Internet — please read:

You can also sign the petition.   Please share as much as you can.


7 thoughts on “You ought to be terrified right now.

    • It’s true. 😦 But if somehow this thing doesn’t pass in 2 days (as usual the voting is done in secret, no transparency, they never listen to us), we’ll be ok…for a little while anyway. Buys us more time until Trump and his pack of criminals are taken down and they’re all thrown in prison where they belong. Yep, this was a coup.

      I’m not sure what we had before net neutrality was passed, tbh. But the internet was free. Now they want to change all that.


  1. Protection Echelon (translation of Schutzstaffel, i.e. SS). Check.
    Criticism of glorious leader forbidden. Check.
    Must worship glorious leader as ‘the (singular and nonpareil) god. Check
    Official version(s) of truth promulgated by a modern-day ‘people’s overwatcher’ (translation of Völkischer Beobachter) other sources of information forbidden. Check
    Glorious leader declares himself dictator for life, after ‘setting fire to the reichstag’. Check
    Only two classes of people now exist: ‘national comrades’ and ‘community aliens’. Check
    Community aliens are to be destroyed for the pleasure of Glorious leader. Check.

    No, not check on that last one.

    “Hail Victory.”

    And people like me will become soot in the ***hadamar chimneys***, due to a resumption of Aktion T-4.


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