The sick cult of Trumpism.


I must have a stomach made of iron, because last night I actually was able to watch the Trump Rally in Pensacola, FL without vomiting.   I have never seen one of these things before in its entirety, and it was eye opening and sickening.   I’m not going to bother posting the video of it here.  If you really want to watch it, it’s on Youtube.

Trump holds his hate-rallies to garner necessary narcissistic supply and the adulation and worship he craves, but this one had a secondary purpose — to drum up support for Bible thumping pedophile and sexual abuser Roy Moore.  I believe Moore is every bit as much of a narcissistic sociopath as Trump, and birds of a feather do tend to stick together.  Between Steve Bannon, Roy Moore, and Trump himself, these morally bankrupt despots are ready to take over the GOP and remake America into their hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, and nationalistic image and call it “good.”

Trump’s speech, as always, was full of generalizations, baldfaced lies, self-congratulatory nonsense, empty slogans, demonizations of the liberal press, and smearing of people he dislikes or that threaten him, all while puffing out his chest and clapping for himself.  As usual, he said nothing the least bit inspiring, wise, compassionate, or intelligent.  His audience soaked it all in.

I have never seen another president demonize the opposing political party the way he does.    He called the Democrats “evil, bad people” who are actively trying to obstruct what he is doing (like, maybe they are trying to save America from becoming Nazi Germany 2.0 or Mussolini’s Italy?). He even accused liberals of trying to set up an authoritarian regime that would suppress free speech and freedom of religion (yes, really).     This is the way you talk about ISIS or maybe North Korea, not your fellow Americans.   It’s the kind of rhetoric banana republic dictatorships use to divide and conquer, while disguising their corruption and moral bankruptcy by making themselves blameless.   It’s a tactic utterly alien to any working democracy.

It’s not much of a stretch to go from “they are evil, bad people” to “they aren’t human,” and “they should be killed.”   Despotic leaders throughout history have justified genocide and torture by dehumanizing their opposition.   I fully expect that if something isn’t done to stop him soon, liberal journalists, protesters, and others who disagree with Trump and his cult will be jailed.  Our First Amendment is hanging in the balance.

Trump’s speech was also a great example of how malignant narcissists use projection and blame-shifting to manipulate.   To anyone familiar with NPD, it’s easy to see that whenever Trump smears others, he is really talking about himself.   He attributes those negative qualities to others that actually belong to him.   It’s almost funny once you realize what he’s doing, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it.   He’s really smearing himself, although most likely he’s not consciously aware he is.


Even more disturbing than Trump’s hate-filled, despotic speech, was the spectacle of the supporters attending.   They really remind me of a cult, and in fact they are one.    Cult leaders can convince their followers that the most heinous or amoral acts are somehow A-OK if they benefit the cult’s or leader’s goals.   Charles Manson was great at this sort of manipulation.    L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was also well-versed in it.   The Children of God “Christian” cult was a less famous example.  Cult leaders throughout history have been able to brainwash and control their followers.  They can convince their flock to believe anything, no matter how insane or wrong, using mind control and manipulation techniques.

Cult leaders can also convince their followers to commit evil or amoral acts, often against what the cult leader believes is their opposition.  L. Ron Hubbard did this by calling people critical of Scientology “Suppressive Persons (SPs) or “low tone”  and followers who were in contact with them “Potential Trouble Sources.”  Hubbard required his followers to do the same, which included  cutting ties with concerned family members who dared to criticize Scientology or their family member’s involvement in it, or shun other Scientologists who were “ethics” problems.    Trump (and his sycophants) do the same thing by calling liberals, Democrats, and leftist and even centrist media “evil” and “enemies of America,” when in reality it’s Trump and his lackeys and enablers who are the ones destroying America.

The rally started off fairly quiet, but like obsessed sports fans, once Trump got going and the attendants got sucked into his unhinged, hysterical monologue,  the audience got louder and their demeanor more fevered.  They cheered him on and chanted “MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!,” “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” and “Lock them up!”  They waved American flags and MAGA signs.  They seemed like more like fans at a rock concert than a political rally.

At the same time I was watching the live-stream video, there was a box to the side for comments.   Almost all those watching were Trump (and Roy Moore) supporters.  The comments were interesting and very reminiscent of those of young adolescents with a crush on some teen idol, obsessed sports fans, or cult members.   There was no depth or evidence of critical thinking or knowledge of politics in these comments — most were either repetitions of what Trump just said, strings of emoji hearts or clapping hands, or mindless phrases like “MAGA!” usually punctuated with American flags and hearts.  There were also comments like, “ROCK STAR!,”  “Trump rocks!,” “DESTROY THE LIBTARDS!,” and “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”   Strangest of all (but completely expected) were religiously tinged comments like “God’s Avenger!,” “KING CYRUS!” (many Evangelicals believe Trump is King Cyrus from the Bible) , “God’s right hand man!” and “THANK YOU JESUS FOR TRUMP!”   I even saw one that said “Trump = Emperor God King!” These comments were often punctuated with strings of emoji crosses or praying hands.  Most disgusting of all were comments that celebrated Trump’s spiritual or even physical beauty:   “His hair is made of Spun Gold!” and “Trump’s heart is so pure!” and “Trump always tells the truth!”


After watching the rally, I’m more convinced than ever Trumpism is not a political movement, but a cult.



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  1. After reading your post, I agree, it sounds like a cult. It is amazing, that some people so easy allow him to overrule everything, as US earlier did stand for. He destroy everything and everyone, who are in his way and this will only become worse and worse. Narcissists are like that. How can people not be able to use that brain, they are born with? Not all are equal intelligent, but no one should be allowed to be so stupid, that they don’t see, what is going on. I can understand, that people can get caught in in the beginning, that is how narcissists are living, but one day they should be able to open their eyes and mind and see reality, as it is now. The world are on fire, wars are started, both inside US and outside US. This will start the 3. World War, if nobody are able to stop him, before it is too late. I really don’t get it, when people are able to let themselves into such a nightmare.

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  2. Re j. Jones:

    Many years ago, I had a chance to hear from someone deep in Jones’ inner circle. This woman – Anne – was in California during the Guiana nightmare, hence she was still around in the mid-eighties. (No cyanide-laced drink present)

    According to her, there was a ***lot*** of outright demonic activity in that ‘cult’. Which makes me wonder: is the cultishness of ‘glorious leader’ somehow connected with ‘spirits’? (wouldn’t surprise me…)

    Anne needed a ***lot*** of help to get shut of ***her*** spooks, by the way, so her statements that way are a bit more believable.

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  3. Re Anne:

    No, not deprogrammed. One does not remove spirits by ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’, nor does one effectively ‘suppress’ them via varied psychiatric drugs. (No, if there’s a spook there, it will show forth ***in spite*** of the drugs, just like it did with C…)

    Evil / unclean spirits – demons – tend to ignore soft words or other mild means. It’s a lot like fighting a war with a vicious and unprincipled enemy; and getting rid of them demands the spiritual analogue to ‘brute force’ – much as if one were dealing with a near-omnipotent ***narcopath*** who’s convinced to the point of delusion that his will ***is*** the law.

    Note: the above is based more than a little upon direct observation, and ***some*** ( a small amount) of first-hand experience. The balance was from the classes and what I heard from people who had a ***lot*** more experience than I did in ‘spirit-expulsion’ (deliverance/exorcisms)

    On a less-serious note: I was curious, and thought to check out that writing analysis site. Five selections – four of poetry, and one larger part of prose – and five different authors!
    1) charles dickens; 2) bram stoker ~ dracula. 3)harry harrison – stainless steel rat. 4) arthur c clarke 5) anne rice.

    Either my writing is too weird for that program to place, or the program is as full of moths (the first computer bug was a moth) as a wool-stoked closet. Ps: I think I’ve read all of those people listed. Perhaps it’s picking up on that.

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    • I just read something horrifying. Trump is deliberately trying to start war in the ME (by proclaiming Jerusalem is the capital of Israel) because his Christian ISIS donors and backers believe he’s bringing about Armageddon. Yes, really. Many evangelical preachers believe this BS. THIS is why they all love Trump. These assholes want their reward NOW and apparently think God is taking too long. Impatient, narcissistic religious nutcases who are so sure they’ll be raptured and the rest of us die that they’re willing to force Armageddon to make sure that happens. I think they’ve read too much Left Behind. If the Revelation narrative is true, won’t they be surprised when they find out Trump (or more likely, Putin) is the Antichrist and it will be all the people they hate (the poor, the sick, immigrants, etc) that will be saved. Scary, dark times. The inmates are running the insane asylum now.

      I don’t even think most Trump supporters believe this and finding out this is the real reason he’s trying to destroy the world (not because he believes it or even believes in God — he just likes the fact they think he’s some kind of biblical avenger so he’s humoring them and willing to sacrifice us all for his own ego) might be the one thing that gets them to leave the Trump cult.

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  4. So! Is the bandersnatch the ‘false prophet’ or is he ‘the beast with ten horns’? (Joke).

    Now if the horns were of *tin*, rather than ten in number, the latter might be somewhat plausible.

    On a direr note, I suspect that all this nonsense is really proving is that the bulk of Christendom has moved its mental state to the outskirts of Laodicea (or somewhere worse still); and only severe and destructive ***persecution*** will cause it to give up its’ current state of ***hubris***. (Oh, and substituting its inclination of the moment for the gospel, also)

    God ***judges*** those close to him first – and usually judges such persons worst, also – so it would not surprise me one bit if the bandersnatch – or some one like him as to quality, and worse for behavior – decides to tear a page out of Roman history and starts nailing up swarms of people upon ‘curse-trees’ in their innumerable rotting rows. (Curse-tree, as in ‘cursed is he who dies upon a tree’, somewhere in the OT. Speaking of crucifixion.)

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  5. Hello, Lucky! Well written. …But then we have his cousin here in India, saying and doing much the same.

    To me despicable is one of the strongest words, which I apply to him and his ilk. At the same time, I think the fault lies ‘More’ in the cultists who ‘follow’ and support these guys. God help us.


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  6. Try this one:

    “The psychopath is worshiped as god, obeyed as king, and followed as priest.”
    “Priest, king and god of the Normalistc world, and the fullest expression of Archetype”

    “Trump = Emperor God-king.”

    Perhaps his ***coterie*** of ‘fully-owned witch-slaves’ instinctually recognize him as their ***controlling arch-witch*** – the tie whch binds them to ‘father Brimstone’ as chosen *vassals*. As in the whole wrotten mess instinctually know – at a deeply unconscious level – precisely what is happening, and approves of the situation without reservation?

    As in these people ***want*** to be destroyed, and they ignore their own pains that they might gloat over ***ours***?

    Is this sound far-fetched, search under “when Hobbes is an optimist”, read, please, ***that*** .pdf file. (I found it quite eye-widening – it explained a lot of the nastiness I’ve endured and perceived.)


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