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I’ve had my spam set to be automatically deleted for some time now, because I was just getting too much of it.   But WordPress still lets some spam come through.  Usually I just delete these without bothering to look at them, but sometimes I glance at them when I have nothing better to do.

Most of my spam comments are unreadable, as if they’ve been translated from Mandarin to Greek to Bulgarian to Bantu to Korean and then back into English by someone with third grade writing skills.   Or they’re so generic you’d know they’re spam even if they weren’t marked as spam because they could apply to any post–like the way newspaper horoscopes can apply to any zodiac sign.   I’m talking about this:

“Great article!  I’ll definitely bookmark this for future reference.”

Or they’re telling you all about how your Google ranking sucks and you need to purchase their SEO help.   I will never pay for SEO.   A little patience and dedication is all you need to get a decent search engine ranking.

The funniest ones are the ones that sound like they’ve been translated several times, and the subject matter is always completely random and has nothing to do with what you posted.   Here are two entertaining spam comments I’ll share before I delete them for good.

I agree with your statement because chapter 14 talks about how he wakes up every morning with a cheerful matter. when he so explains, ” To be awake is to be alive. I have never met a man who was quite awake.” Thoreau seems like a man with hope in nature. He  wakes up every morning and takes his time to observe the morning with a nature view.
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I copied and paste the loader into the bin folder, ran it, got asked for license key, not sure what to do there, typed random things in didnt work either. Does the license key thing suppose to show up when you run the loader?

Here’s one of those generic spam comments.  What makes it hilarious is it was posted under a cartoon.

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