Distant storm.

I love weather photography. There are so many different types of clouds, but cumulonimbus (thunderstorm clouds) are the most fascinating to me.  If these clouds become developed enough, tornadoes can result, but tornadoes are rare where I live.

We got pummeled with another heavy downpour and some small hail late this afternoon, and storms continued to dot the region into the early evening, although no more storms actually hit.   Here are two photos of a distant storm that was moving south, away from where I live (thank goodness).



5 thoughts on “Distant storm.

  1. I share your love of weather Lucky Otter. It’s nature for one which people like us(family scapegoats), learn to appreciate, we appreciate what is God, but also, the weather somehow makes me feel alive, especially a good storm!

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  2. ive always chosen clouds as my favorite beauty to see in nature. out of trees,mountains,sun moon.. flowers etc
    the close second or tie is
    “when the moon is out in the DAYTIME”
    that gets me big time…
    against a blue sky….


  3. when I was a much more prayerful person, id sit in bed in my window which was right up against the bed,in my youth and just for hours and hours on end commune with God and watch the clouds transform and id swear it was part of the experience.. the prayers..and the clouds transforming seemed in sync.. it was not me it was God talking to me I felt.. and I was responding…
    in evening when they seem close and smoky and turn colors.. of bright pink and orange and purples…I could spend what felt like hours with them each evening
    ill never forget this time in my life : )


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