The Narcissist’s Fan Club

3 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Fan Club

  1. I think the last sentence about not letting their lies become your reality is really among the most important lessons that I have learned in all my years of experience with Cluster B personality types.

    It took me a long time to learn that if we don’t immediately reject deceptive ways of thinking and behaving that we can wind up being extremely compromised and even begin to believe the distortions and lies ourselves. Many of us grew up in families where we were required to affirm the twisted realities of our parents in order to survive. You learn to go along to keep the peace. Or sometimes spouses become indoctrinated by their abusive spouse. Siblings will sometimes even be manipulated to turn on each-other in codependency related family dynamics in order to protect the abusive parent. It happens in the workplace too. And it’s the rare person who has learned how to fully stand up to the bully…even when the bully is subtle.

    I just saw an example of this on TV last night were a famous wife was defending her psycho husbands distorted thinking patterns. And you could tell she didn’t even believe what she was saying herself. But she was probably pressured into defending him publicly by him….so she went along with it. The consequence of not honoring truth that is that you loose the ability to discern the truth. So…just like the last sentence of the post says…don’t let their lies become your reality. Much easier said than done because it requires us all to live in a state of extreme integrity in all aspects of life.


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