“Take Her Home”: song about homelessness and PTSD by NarCissistic Mary

I’ve posted a number of songs written and recorded by my friend Mary Pranzatelli and her band NarCissistic Mary for this blog before, but I think this one’s my favorite. It’s called “Take Her Home” and is about a homeless veteran woman suffering from PTSD who gets raped and beaten on the streets of LA. Sad lyrics but with an important message and the music sounds great!

In Mary’s own words,

[“Take Her Home” tells the story of] a female Vietnam veteran who served in the Medics in the Navy. She told me she lived on the streets in LA, and that she was raped and violently beaten.
She told me the statistics for homeless in Tent City.

African American women are homeless at a higher rate and I learned at my National Organization for Women PAC meeting that South Jersey social services neglects African American women and most often picks up white homeless women when they have shelter available. I also was told that at Tent City in LA the police sweep away the few personal belongings of these women and the often brutally take them off and incarcerate them often late at night.

Here is the song.

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15 thoughts on ““Take Her Home”: song about homelessness and PTSD by NarCissistic Mary

  1. I tried to purchase this song from the iTunes Store and then I realized it wasn’t available. I really loved the song! You have a great voice Mary, it’s the way you sound, so emotion-filled. I played it twice with my speaker turned up. Really, really liked it and of course the important message it sends!

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    • Ruby… go to my Facebook band page and hit the like on it. Tommorrow night I’m going to raise this question at band practice about ITunes. We have only been a band for around 8 months. We have an EP and we are working on a full album.

      I’ll keep in touch with you. You can also add me as a personal friend of you want too.

      Thank you for listening and liking our song.

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    • Hi Ruby. I just taljed to the band. We are going to discuss our options for download purchases soon. We will most likely use Itunes, Amazon or Sound Cloud as the purchase option.

      I am understanding that iTunes is a detailed contract,… but our base player is looking into it.

      Thank you…


  2. Thanks so much Mary and tell your band they have an amazing sound, especially the guitar solo part. I was embarassed to reply to your first response because believe it or not, I’m not on FB, but I’m happy you wrote again. I’m glad you are looking into those things. You guys sound very powerful and that is so cool.

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    • Ok… well than we can keep in touch here,..Or you can get my email from lucky and I’ll keep you updated.

      There are some other songs coming up. We started out with a more heavy sound and we are evolving into a more classic pop rock sound,…which is the direction I wanted to go.

      Thank you ❤


  3. I grew up believing if you worked hard and did something society valued you could not possibly end up homeless and destitute. Becoming an aware adult was a rude awakening. I can’t believe how naive I used to be. I guess it might have been good for me to grow up thinking everything was OK. But learning the truth now makes me bitter. A friend once defined “evil” as whatever go completely goes against what one believes the universe is or should be that we feel it just can’t be.

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    • Your friend is right, that’s a pretty good definition of evil. The Amercian Dream is a big fat lie. You are told hard work, loyalty and dedication will bring you success. Maybe that used to be the case, but it isn’t anymore. That’s because corporations use people like tools, and don’t recognize their humanity. They don’t care.
      Anyone can become homeless o destitute, no matter how many precautions you can take against it. You can’t worry about it of course, and most likely it won’t happen, but it could. To anyone. If people would realize that NO ONE is immune to disaster and misfortune, there would be less arrogance and more compassion.

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        • You got that right. People in America think the government is worse than corporations though. Government’s bad, but corporations are worse because their primary motive is greed.

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          • Most local Mayoral and Council seats aren’t even paid positions. I think most who run for public office go into it with good, honest attentions,… to later find the corporations lobby and Gerrymander districts.

            Look the word Gerrymandering and you will see throughout are county the districts are chosen to keep the system the same. It is not easy to win.a seat in a local municipality that has been Gerrymandered for years.

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