A glorious day.


Glorious can’t even begin to describe today. I woke up in a good mood, and decided to run a few errands, but the weather was so pretty and sunny (though a bit blustery) and everything was blooming. The first thing I heard outside my house was a cacophony of birds. Woodland animals are beginning to make their way our of their winter hiding places, and there’s a family of groundhogs that live behind my house, and over the last few days I’ve seen standing in the backyard, sniffing the air on their little hind legs.

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A small green pond on the property of the meditation center, peeking through trees. The trees here are still mostly bare because it’s so high up.

I couldn’t help but feel a little overcome by all the beauty surrounding me, so I decided to make a day of it and take a lone road trip over to Black Mountain, where there is a free meditation center I sometimes go to. The drive into the mountains is beautiful. NC-Highway 9 winds gently through the foothills of the Black Mountains, slowly ascending. I rolled my windows down and listened to music as I drove. Birds sang and the trees that are no longer bare showed every color of the rainbow, and I mean EVERY color.

Some sort of berries on an ornamental tree.
I tried to capture the “iridescent fall colors” here but I’m not sure I succeeded.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but I have (and wrote about it last year too). April can sometimes look a lot like mid-October. All the fall colors are there, as the trees begin to put out leaves, but before the chlorophyll that turns them green kicks in. The reverse process happens in the fall–the leaves change colors because they lose chlorophyll as the days become shorter and cooler. The spring “fall” colors correspond exactly to the colors seen in the fall, but are a little more muted and have a kind of translucence to them. But it doesn’t end there. There are pink, white, yellow and lilac blossoms everywhere, and the newly leafed trees contain a wonderful pale green iridescence that’s not present any other time of the year.




I used to prefer the fall when I was younger, but can’t see how I ever did. In my opinion, fall is lame in comparison. No matter how pretty autumn trees are, you know everything’s dying, and winter is not far away. The colors in the fall also seem sadder and more somber, shading more into deep purples and browns, at least where I live.


Some formal gardens near my house, on the way home.

On the street where I live.

Now I’ve got to go listen to U2’s “Beautiful Day,” because it truly was a beautiful day, and I just feel so relaxed and good right now.


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14 Responses to A glorious day.

  1. ibikenyc says:

    Thank you for these gorgeous photos. I wish I had ground hogs in my back yard. HOW cute!

    There is a problem here on Staten Island with (I swear I’m not making this up) with too many deer. I heard about it and thought it was hysterical (a glut of wild ruminants running wild in NYC?!) until the day I was out on my bike and a heavily-antlered one went bounding across the road in front of me!

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    • luckyotter says:

      I know there are some pretty rural parts of Staten island but no one ever thinks of it that way. Yeah I heard if deer don’t get hunted, no matter how much we hate the idea, they will starve to death because there are no bigger predators (except humans) to keep down their population.
      I like the groundhogs, the only problem we have is my cats go after them. 😡


  2. Diana says:

    Beautiful thanks for sharing….


  3. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous pictures. I can never decide if I love fall or spring more. I love fall…the colors, the slightly cooler weather, “the harvest”. But I love spring, too. The awakening, the colors, the slightly warmer weather.


    • Susan says:

      me too! I always said Fall.as a teen. now that im older im leaning towards Spring.for reasons you said. new life and awakening……..fall feels so serious and sophisticated calm and reflective… cozy… more mature
      but Spring makes me want to jump in puddles and skip with baby goats lol
      its rebirth…

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  4. Susan says:

    birds chirping happily at 3 am-5am around those times… is my favorite sound in all the world.
    I cant describe that feeling
    its like nothing bad ever happened to me and I am IN heaven currently
    when they are extra chatty excitedly like its going to be a warmish day.. I lay there…
    and am completely absorbed into them….only they exist and their reality… there is nothing like birds chirping for me
    then storms.. rain,thunder…
    I couldn’t sleep last night though for the WIND STORM we had for ten hours straight. It was SEVERE.
    but today there was in the afternoon an EXTRA eerily “calm” “after the storm” air… it made me just want to lay in my bed.. away from my phone and laptop that I had left downstairs… and so I did for a few minutes
    and just look out the window.

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    • luckyotter says:

      Storms can be a little unsettling! That’s the only drawback to spring. You get the most severe storms this time of year. I like them but at the same time they do make me a little uneasy.


      • Susan says:

        we had a lot of damage here in md/dc/va and 65 mph winds were recorded …
        it was howling loud and shaking the glass window panes. I couldn’t sleep.
        my cats stayed by my side and I lit a candle…
        40000+ out of power was reported…not sure of new stats..
        I love storms
        I dislike WIND as a weather condition by itself! grhh
        can be a beautiful sunny PERFECT day and high winds alone can ruin it. (hair,dress..napkins for picnic!)
        a youtube video said nasa predicted a solar wind storm for yesterday as well. I don’t know. that was a “squall” they said too….
        my cats and my candle were so comforting I thought I should remember to light candles more just any time.

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        • Yikes. I don’t like wind storms either, Susan. We had a blizzard with hurricane force winds that started the day after Christmas and blew for two days and two nights. Our town was without electricity for 21 hours. A freight train was blown completely off the tracks four miles from our house. Three massively huge grain elevators located 1/4 mile from our house were blown down. And over 30,000 cattle were killed in this area by that storm. We only got about a foot of snow… the problem wasn’t the snow, it was the WIND. I thought we were all going to die. Whew…. I never want to go through a storm like that again!

          How are you doing? Has the wind stopped yet? I have family living about 80 miles from D.C., I am going to call and ask how they are.


          • Susan says:

            yikes! I remember reading about the 30000 cows that died and I CRIED .
            the wind stopped.. new England states got light snow.. 40000 were out of power here, so yea check up on the DC family! but mostly all is ok now. some fallen trees did hit homes. and construction sites were hazards due to flying debris…the wind was insanely loud and howling.. ive never heard it so loud before…

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            • luckyotter says:

              Poor cows. 😦


            • What you said about the wind being so horrifically loud, same here — I have been through a couple of hurricanes, one was while I was on a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico — so I have heard wind that loud before. But I had never before heard the wind howl that loud, for that long, not even when I lived on the coast of Maine.

              I wrote 3 or 4 posts about our blizzard experience on my old blog. Here is a link to one of the posts: https://healmycomplexptsd.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/pictures-of-our-blizzard-winter-storm-goliath/

              I contacted my son yesterday after reading your comment about the wind, and he said it wasn’t that bad where they live. They are in Pennsylvania, about 80 or 90 miles north of D.C..

              I’m glad you are ok! It took me quite awhile after our blizzard stopped to quit shaking inside. Just a little over a week ago I was walking our little dog on a sunny 70 degree day, when a dust storm hit (this is eastern New Mexico, where dust storms happen a lot). Although the wind wasn’t as bad as the blizzard wind, it was too strong to walk in, especially with all the blowing debris. So I scooped my dog up in my arms and crouched behind a building, and called my husband to drive over to get us. The wind was coming from the north. Within a few hours the outdoor temperature went from 70 to 22! CrAzY!!

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  5. I used to like fall best because of the colors but now spring is my favorite time, for all the reasons you said. Lovely pictures.


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