Itinerary fail.


I *thought* my son was arriving late tomorrow night, so I assumed I had plenty of time to get the house ready, buy some food, etc. But like a dummy, I hadn’t read his itinerary right. What he told me was he’d be arriving on Monday at 12:30 AM. Apparently I didn’t make the connection between Monday and the “AM”! When I checked his schedule again today, I suddenly realized he’d be arriving tonight! So I decided to skip church, because I had so much to do–clean the house, go food shopping, prepare something for when he arrives (I’m cooking a pot roast in my Crock-Pot right now and it smells divine already, even though it’s nowhere near ready to eat), mow the lawn, make sure there were clean blankets and sheets.

Good thing I noticed when I did, or I’d hear him at the door tonight and have nothing ready!

He danced twice this weekend in Atlanta, but unfortunately this time did not place in the finals. But he still passed the audition so was able to perform, so he isn’t really bothered by the fact he didn’t place. The competition was unusually stiff, and he had a great time.

He will be here until Wednesday or maybe Thursday. I’m very excited!

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