Happy Caturday

You can’t look at pictures of cats and have a bad day. You just can’t.

bluebird of bitterness

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12 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

  1. Wish I could see what happened AFTER he mashed his buddy’s head into the water there!

    Also, I LOVE when kittens climb your pants like that!

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      • We had FOUR at one time, when we were still in the vintage apartment in Fort Lauderdale. It’s weird to be outnumbered by a different species!

        Ever seen that episode of “The Honeymooners” where Ralph goes to the dog pound?

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        • It’s not that weird. I had 5 cats not too long ago! (I’m down to 2 now–2 I think it’s gonna stay).
          I LOVED that episode of the Honeymooners! I loved all the episodes though. It was a great show. You’re in NY–do they still show it late at night on channel 11? They used to in the 80s and early 90s when I still lived in the area.

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          • Yes, they do! Four in a row every Saturday night starting at eleven.

            (The first of the four last night was the one where Alice has a phone put in [LOVE that line about, “It’s black!”] and starts baby-sitting to pay for it.)

            Used to be two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Now MeTV has one at 11:30 Sunday nights.

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          • PS: Okay, here’s a question: Why is having lots of cats considered weird and sneer-worthy but having lots of dogs is not?????

            AND, different topic but same idea, why is breast cleavage considered alluring and enviable and elegant but derriere cleavage, short version, is NOT?

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            • I’ve wondered about that too. I know someone who has 8 (eight!!!) pit bulls and no one thinks it’s weird (well, except me I guess) but everyone looked at me sideways and backed away slowly when I told them I had 5 cats. Dogs are great but they’re a LOT more work than cats and they’re dirtier too.
              Derriere cleavage? Well, I don’t know about the “short” version (you mean like in being a short person with a big butt?) but I thought most men loved big booties.

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  2. No, I meant like saying derriere cleavage is not considered attractive (short version) versus the long version, which would involve calling those in Daisy Dukes crack whores or disgusting or sluts or whatever.

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