Song about narcissistic abuse: It’s In Your Head (introspectrum)


My friend who is in recovery from narcissistic abuse has started an indie rock band and has a great new song about her experience.

Here is what she has to say:

Hello everyone!!
I put a band together as a way to heal from Narcissistic abuse, after the Narc I knew told me I needed to give him my Gibson Les Paul and that I’d never play music in a band called, NarCissistic Mary. Here is the Sound Cloud link to my first studio recorded song called, “Its In Your Head” (Introspectrum). I will be releasing more songs shortly with my band. Please join me and will all journey together artistically and musically on my Facebook band page called: NarCissistic Mary (the capital C is intentional!)
Thanks 🙂

Here is the song on Soundcloud–enjoy! And please share.

14 thoughts on “Song about narcissistic abuse: It’s In Your Head (introspectrum)

    • Well,…the story really reflects upon repeatitive thoughts. Its actually called Introspectrum. Introspection is a real English word. But my real lyrics read Introspectrum.

      Disorders seem to occur when a person hits a point where they have an overabundance of feelings. Feelings, meaning Internalized spectrums (meaning the colors within that make us uniquely who we are). When interactions interfear with the peaceful colors of who and the pain becomes unbearable, we shut down and become lost in our thought process.

      In the end of the song the character becomes so caught up in thought process and realizes she has become a prisoner of her own mind as she hears the doors shut in an Insaine asylum.

      Anyway….that’s the general song meaning….that I wrote. I wrote the lyrics and tune on my acoustic guitar late at night in my room. And recorded it on my cell phone. Them brought it to the band and it actually came together in around an hour.

      Later I told them to shout, “It’s In Your Head”… And then I rambled the theatrical Monologue at the end.

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