We Are All Narcissists

An interesting and slightly scary walk along the narcissistic continuum, from “healthy” (adaptive) narcissism up to sociopathic or malignant narcissism…

2 thoughts on “We Are All Narcissists

  1. Can I just say here, well, duh? Skimmed the article and came to the conclusion that it states only this one individual’s personal opinion. I was somewhat relieved, and maybe a little bit justified as a woman who didn’t date much and didn’t marry till age 35, to read that a man actually thinks that men are more narcissistic than women, generally. Again, this is something I always knew.
    Really, though, I generally support the statement that we are all narcissists. His idea of measuring it as a characteristic or personality trait on a sliding scale is kind of a useful tool for determining the boundaries of healthy vs unhealthy narcissism.

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    • Since most of us are “on the spectrum” somewhere, perhaps the spectrum is in error itself. It seems weird that perfectly normal people are in the lower 50% of the spectrum, doesn’t it? Aspergers is also a spectrum disorder but most people aren’t on the autism spectrum because Aspergers (a mild form of autism) is at the bottom of the spectrum. It can get very confusing.


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