“Have you bonded with your narcissist today?”

This made me laugh so hard I just have to share it.
It sure would be nice if narcissists were all required to wear a button warning you they have NPD.

“Embracing the legacy of familial narcissism. Have you bonded with your narcissist today?”

Bonding with your narcissistic parent

Be patient. It may take a minute for the picture to load.

8 thoughts on ““Have you bonded with your narcissist today?”

  1. Just for the record, the girl who posted this says her dad (that’s him in the photo) is a “benign” narcissist and not diagnosed with NPD. I think it’s cool she got him to wear that button and pose for the picture. He must have a sense of humor about it, at least. Maybe he’s not even really a narc.


    • Oh man… I figured someone must have photoshopped those buttons on the picture. Too funny, if this picture is all real.

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        • Glad you all like the buttons! I designed buttons for all ten personality disorders, along with a few other conditions from the DSM and other pathology typologies. I mostly give the buttons to my friends or wear them myself, but I hope to someday get my shit together enough to sell them online.

          And yes, my dad has a great sense of humor. I believe he falls somewhere on the narcissism/narcautism spectrum, but the Aspie Quiz said he‘s neurotypical; I’m still awaiting his results from the online Narcissistic Personality Inventory link I e-mailed him the other day.

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          • He sounds so cool–even for an N! LOL!
            I would love to order some buttons from you if you ever put them online for sale. I bet they’d sell like hotcakes.
            Let me know how your dad’s results come out, will you?


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