How could someone even survive this?


I just read a comment on a forum about narcissism that made me want to throw up.

A woman who had been scapegoated all her life by her malignant narcissist mother and had gone No Contact said her adult son had been found dead (she didn’t say what the cause of death was). She says her mother never had the slightest interest in her grandson because any child this woman bore couldn’t possibly amount to anything. She never sent him a birthday or Christmas gift, or even so much as a card. She had never even come to see him when he was born.

The woman received no condolences from her mother after her son died. Instead, three days after his death, on the day of his inquest, she found out from relatives that her mother had gone out to celebrate with other family members and friends. Although the reason for the outing wasn’t her grandson’s death per se, she was told by a relative that her mother said “that stupid bitch got what she deserved.”

Wow. Just wow. Talk about lack of empathy. How could anyone be that callous? Losing a child is bad enough (I don’t think I could survive if that happened to me and I marvel at anyone who doesn’t lose their mind after losing a child) but to have YOUR OWN MOTHER–No Contact or not–say something like that is just so evil it’s beyond my comprehension. A mother who would say something like that upon her own child’s bereavement doesn’t deserve to live. Incredible.

I think if that happened to me I wouldn’t want to live anymore. Driving her own daughter to suicide was probably this so-called mother’s intention.


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  1. Even though my ex may have been an asshole and acted like a narc and was abusive, I still didn’t celebrate when I found out she (she transitioned into a woman) was living with multiple scoliosis and can no longer work and has lost everything twice and is lonely. In fact I felt bad for her and wouldn’t wish that life on anyone but at the same time it felt like karma she was getting. But no way was I happy what she was going through.

    I am guessing the woman had an abusive childhood and how could anyone find it okay what her mom is doing? I wonder if they are all bad too.

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    • I really can’t say but the woman described here can’t be anything less than a psychopathic monster. Even my narcs were never THAT bad.


  2. I will never understand how someone could feel like that about her own child – I would go to the ends of the earth for mine, and would stand by them whatever. All I can think is that the mum had such a terrible childhood and life that she is unable to behave in any other way 😦 Not an excuse, though – I know many people with awful childhoods that have become the best parents 😦

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  3. This woman went the extra mile, and said what she thought. She actually verbalized her thinking.

    The impression I get around many Normies is that their thoughts regarding autists are qualitatively similar – as in we deserve all the hatred and abuse we get, because we *chose* to be as we are (with the goal of annoying those who chose rightly, i.e. the bulk of Normdom)

    I’ve heard enough nasty *subtext* over the years to not be surprised ***at all*** by this woman’s schadenfreude.

    She merely has a more intense version of the too-common ***glee*** evidenced by most people when they learn of their enemy’s discomfiture.

    (Yes, I am saying people are innately and instinctually ***evil***; and short of divine intervention, they will only remain so at best.

    The usual seems to be they get worse… More narcissistic; more psychopathic; more prefatory – and more diabolical.)

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    • Wow, Dennis. This is a very pessimistic view but I don’t think is too uncommon to think that way. We live in a difficult world, a dog eat dog, me-first world. Narcissism is a “virtue.” However, this woman’s open glee was over the top, to say the least. How could you experience “schadenfruede” about your own SON? It goes to show malignant narcissists like her cannot love, not even their own children. But I still don’t think most people are like this, at least not about their nearest and dearest.


  4. In regards to their ‘nearest and dearest’ – those in the ‘human and favored’ category – you’re right. Most people except that smallish group of people from the worst they might offer.

    Toward those lower down in the hierarchy of value – ‘human, yet not-favored’ – the usual is closer to benevolent disinterest – as in ‘as long as what you do doesn’t touch me and mine in some way – I care little if at all what you do – or, ultimately, what happens to you.’

    The chief area of trouble lies in the dividing line between ‘human’ and ‘not-human’. As someone who has a lifelong history of being seen as less-than-human by society as a whole, I am only peripherally familiar with either of these former categories.

    I’ve been **rarely** regarded as ‘not-human and favored’. Rare has been the Normie who, even temporarily, seen – and exploited – me as a ***PET***. Most of these people turned out to be Preds (aspd, npd, others)

    Pets are subject to ‘benign exploitation’. Their owners treat them well as long as they provide said owner with uncritical ***worship***.

    When I was young and healthier, I occupied in part the top notch of not-human and not-favored. I was seen as a draft animal, a (stupid) beast of burden, some thing that portions of Normdom viewed as profitably exploitable from an utilitarian standpoint.

    Normally, this is the ***highest*** place any autist can expect to achieve in a world dominated by Normalistic concerns (apart from divine intervention, of course)..

    As my health deteriorated, I fell from usefulness, and was demoted to ‘scenery’ – an object that needed to avoid notice – a weed that needed to not prick the soles of Normdom as it trod me underfoot.

    Notice, when one is supposed to be and remain invisible, results in further demotion to ‘disease vector’, a source of ritual polution which must be contained at all costs. This is usually done by confinement – in a ghetto, in the BIN, in prison – or in the past, in the Camps.

    Yup, the Black triangle – an ***asocial**** – someone who could not fit into that extreme outbreak of Normalism under the Swastika.

    But, there is one further place in this descent into (social) hell, which is that of ‘Devil’. This is where the term ***demonization*** comes from: one is seen as, and treated as if one were a recent immigrant come straight from Hell itself.

    This is the true and ultimate place where autists are placed by Normdom as a whole: subhuman, defective, parasitical, and ritually-polluting; and, for those of us who give the superficial apperance of not being mentally impaired, there is more still added upon one: that type of ***demon*** is all of that which tars his (supposedly) lesser compatriots – but because he can blend in enough to hold a job and drive and live (somewhat) independently – he is also a dangerous and predatory criminal who poisons all he touches.

    It is of souch evils – those like me – that Normdom cries eternally

    “The autistics are our misfortune.”

    And, magically, they believe, much as if Autism Speaks had wrote diectly into their minds:

    “There must be no rest untill the entire world is cleansed of that especial disease named Autism.”

    Ps: am finishing up “Hitler’s Willing Exectutioners” – a terrifying read when one knows how autists tend to be treated.

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    • Dennis, I’ve come across that “people with autism are unfeeling unempathic demons” too. It’s ridiculus and based on nothing. Many NT’s do not understand or do not want to understand the way we think. In fact we may have deeper emotions and be more empathic than they are but as NT’s, because they cannt *see* it, they assume we are monsters. Do not let it get to you.


  5. In truth, you’re right – it’s a pack of entire lies.

    Trouble is , large segments of Normdom buy those lies uncritically – and more still, this is often not a matter of ignorance (just as antisemitism was not a matter of ignorance in Germany prior to the ***birth*** of (schickelgruber).

    Normdom as a whole derives substantial pleasure (internal reward) and social profit from fommeting those lies – which means their prejudices are ***OUR*** problem – and more, Normdom’s hard-wired drive toward social preeminence means that ***most*** Norms are potentially as dangerous as full-blown *diagnosable* preds.

    As in the days of schichelgruber, all it would take for a repeat of the Holocaust would be enabling policies and laws – with *us* suffering and dying for the Normies’ pleasure instead of the Chosen.
    The necessary beliefs are already there, and *some* Norms act on them.

    Society *still* – at least as a rule – covertly rewards our abusers and murderers. What legal outcry that does happen is mostly a smokescreen.

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