Video: A Brief History of Psychopaths and Antisocials

Sam Vaknin posted a new video yesterday, “The Morally Insane Psychopath: A Brief History of Psychopaths and Antisocials.” I decided to repost it on this blog because it’s such a fascinating subject that isn’t widely known or easy to find information about in one place. I never really looked into the history of the field of psychopathy and narcissism before, and whether or not you agree with Sam and his views about narcissism (or are on the fence like I am), Mr. Vaknin does have encyclopedic knowledge about this field of psychology.

So much has changed!

Sam looks like he’s lost weight.


6 thoughts on “Video: A Brief History of Psychopaths and Antisocials

    • Narcissist but some people think he’s a charlatan. I don’t agree. But I understand why he’s really controversial and I don’t agree with him about everything.

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      • From the movie about him and those doctors analysis I don’t doubt he is different from the rest of us and the brain doesn’t fire in the way a non narcissistic brain does but he seems to want so badly for people to understand him. You really want to reach out to him. Perhaps that is part of him being a narcissist but I just don’t buy the whole package. He is definitely a fascinating, brilliant man with a lot to say.

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        • I also wanted to mention this, Gale–I just remembered this post I wrote about an article I saw about Vaknin that speculated some new age kind of theory that Sam’s form of narcissism is a kind of generational and global transition from pure malignant narcisism (Sam’s psychopathic mother) to a type of Aspergers syndrome (which a lot of people on his Youtube channel said they thought he actually had–I disagree btw-he’s schizoid but not Aspie). The next generation would be a generation of empaths. Or something like that. Here is that article.


  1. I don’t see the connection between him and Aspergers at all. The brain doesn’t fire correctly as it does in some psychopaths. As you know, sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths are kind of the relatives in a disfunctional family. It puzzles me whether he is really a narcissist or using the label for fame and to sell his books. He is like a Chinese puzzle really. There is more depth than just a narcissist seeing the light.


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