Missed spam?

Has anyone been getting more missed spam than usual? That is, spam that winds up in your regular comments folder.

I should have taken a screenshot of one of these messages–most seem to be coming from the same source. They include a “trackback” to a blog post but are not from a legitimate source.

I’m wondering why Akismet isn’t picking these up. Next time I get one I’ll put a screenshot of it here.

17 thoughts on “Missed spam?

  1. I’ve been lucky only 5 spams in 2 months, I have to keep checking the spam folder as often non spam comments will end up there.


  2. I recently got a great email promising me my missing inheritance that had been stolen by a Nigerian prince. All I had to do was email the guy my full name, address, and social security number. What a relief that I will finally be getting the millions I’m due 🙂

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