Are You An Empath/HSP Who Was Almost Destroyed By a Narcissist? Watch This Video

I found this fascinating video on Kim Saeed’s blog. Even though Jenna Forrest doesn’t use the term “narcissist” (she uses the term “adversary” instead), we who have been victims of malignant narcissists know exactly what sort of dark forces she’s talking about. Very interesting analysis of the dynamics of codependent relationships and why HSPs/empaths and Narcissists are drawn to each other. The video is kind of long and uses a lot of new age terminology but is still worth watching. Listen and learn.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

I recently subscribed to Jenna Forrest’s YouTube channel and as an Empath myself, I would highly recommend watching this video.  Although Jenna doesn’t mention the term “Narcissist”, she talks about how the Adversary (any dark force) tries to destroy us by:

  • exhausting us by manipulating us to use our emotions against ourselves
  • making us afraid, thus having control over us
  • making us sick (which often leads to cancer or suicide)

The video is almost 13 minutes long, so you’ll need to account for that.  I hope it enlightens you as much as it did me.  She answers questions that come up on my Stats page often, such as, “Can the Narcissist change”.  This video will help you understand why they can’t, as well as help you understand why you need to detach from the relationship if you haven’t already…

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  1. This is a great video. It makes you realize that relationships need to be a balance of love and trust. Give and take needs to be balanced. The Savior/Guru (The Narcissist-Psychopath), patronizing the needy victim (The Codependent) is just to avoid the very thing that they to feel. Love.

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