I must be strong.


Here’s the latest development in this tragic saga.
Now it seems my daughter is using her MN father to attempt to triangulate against me and gaslight me. She has told him lies about both me and Paul, and now they are both trying to convince me I am an unloving, unsympathetic mother just because I won’t take back my unemployable, narcissistic, pathologically lying, drug addicted drama queen of a daughter. He also told me Paul told him I was a bitch and hated me (I know for a fact this is a lie).

I told that lying MN mooching scumbag I was only going by what I observed while in their home, and that our daughter is in serious need of long term psychiatric care and drug rehab, and there is nothing more I can do to help her. I have seen this pattern in her time and again, and I will not under any circumstances have this unstable young woman with no job or any prospects run off my roommate, who has been nothing but reliable, pays her rent on time, and keeps the house clean. I told the psychopath his daughter has nothing but contempt for any rules or advice I would give her anyway and her staying with me would not help her and only cause a world of trouble for me.

He taught her his games well. She is doing exactly what he always did, and now using HIM as a flying monkey, rather than the other way around. Fine, they can both hate my guts. I must stay strong. This blog is keeping me strong. I won’t back down, no matter what, even if it means I need to get a restraining order against her too.

By the way, she sold the $60.00 bag I bought her in exchange for money to buy drugs. I will never buy her another gift. She appreciates nothing. She has respect for no one’s possessions. She stole Paul’s antique rosary beads to sell for drugs. Like all narcissists, she never learns from her mistakes. Ever.

I love my daughter, but I know enough about malignant narcissism now to know what the red flags are and the evil mind games they play. I’m not going to let them make a fool of me.
She always did love her dad best.

I refuse to be the Cowardly Lion anymore.

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  1. Good for you! Anyone that has spent any amount of time with the parasitic type of MN knows that its the same pattern over and over and over and over again. And when your life is in chaos because you allowed them into your life, they’ll simply walk away, with no remorse. Stay strong!

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  2. As a parent it can be difficult to not be an enabler for your child. You have to be strong and do what is right, even if it causes you a ton of emotional grief.

    Stay tough!


  3. OMG, I swear this makes me want to start my own ministry titled, “Mothers who had Psycopathic Ex-husbands” or something like that.

    I hate your ex. Just do what your doing, and I agree with Vic here totally and I can’t add to that.


  4. It is amazing, and so difficult to comprehend that they do not learn from the “mistakes” and behaviors that have such dire devastating consequences but I guess it is because they in their mind are never at fault. I wish you continued strength.

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  5. Isn’t it just amazing, people who behave like s*itbags expect the rest of us to keep their sssecrets. A word to the narcs – if you don’t want your doings posted “all over the internet,” then stop your crappy behavior.

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