My stupid hypervigilance again.


On Thanksgiving, I wrote about the lovely dinner my roommate and I had at my daughter Molly’s boyfriend’s home (which is where she’s living now when she’s out of jail). It’s a pretty big place–an older home, probably built in the ’60s, 2 stories, with a spiral staircase, large open rooms, a living room lined with floor to ceiling windows that face a view of the mountains, and two large decks. It’s really beautiful. My daughter really lucked out.

I also was surprised how intelligent and nice Paul is. We talked a lot, about many things, and he admitted he loved Molly. It’s obvious to me he’s the first boyfriend she’s ever had who really cares about HER, and isn’t just using her. I think this relationship can be great for her, and she’s happy with him too. So what that he’s 38 years old? He’s mature and has a good job and income, wants her to resume her education, and if things work out, they can have a good life together. Hell, I’d much rather her date a 38 year old who has all his shit together than some 22 year old do-nothing meth-head with no goals or prospects living in his parents’ basement or crashing on a friend’s couch because he can’t even keep a job as a gas station attendant. Which is the type of loser she dated before. She actually didn’t think she deserved any better, but she’s finally realizing she deserves so much more.

Meanwhile her MN father, Michael, has been living at the Salvation Army and hasn’t learned jack shit or changed one iota. He’s the same whiney, entitled, obnoxious, demanding, parasitic, gaslighting, narcissistic jerk that he was when he leeched off me for seven years after our divorce. He nearly sucked me dry, financially, mentally, emotionally, and every other way you can think of. Until February this year I didn’t have the guts yet to tell him to get a life and get the hell out of my house.

I understand why Molly feels bad for him (after all, he’s her dad and she loves him), but she shouldn’t feel guilty about his unfortunate circumstances. He’s done it to himself. And yet, he has made her feel like she’s responsible for his well-being. From the time she was 12, he was treating her like his personal therapist and drug buddy, and attempting to use her to triangulate against me. His actions, among all the other obnoxious and evil things he did, damaged her psyche badly. I still can’t quite determine if she has low-spectrum NPD or severe BPD, but she definitely suffers from both bipolar disorder and PTSD.

But she’s getting better. Things have come to a head these past few months, between her squandering her trust fund, her car accident, and now having to serve time in jail for 30 days (she will be out the day before Christmas). She’s learning some hard lessons about consequences.

So what do her N father and her new apparently mentally healthy boyfriend have to do with each other? Well, Michael is moving in with Paul. Paul’s house is large enough that he will have his own floor, and Paul and Molly will be on the downstairs level. This worries me. Michael always seems to luck out. Narcissists usually do. I’m not envious of him (and am sort of glad he’s no longer homeless because I’m not a total heartless bitch), but this development worries me for two reasons:

1. He has an uncanny ability to turn people against me, even people who have been my friends. I know he trashes my character behind my back, projecting his own character flaws onto me, making ME out to be the narcisistic abuser. If he’s living in the house with them, in my dark fantasies I can imagine him turning Molly against me again, and Paul too. I hate the idea of the only family I have in this state turning against me due to my malignant narcissist ex husband who is living with them.

2. When Molly is around him, he has proven to be a bad influence on her. It’s true he has no car and no way to get around or drive her anywhere this time, but in the past he has been involved in buying drugs with her. Paul doesn’t do drugs so there’s probably nothing to worry about. But Michael’s influence is still a negative one, and his constant presence will push Molly’s buttons in ways that will make it more difficult for her to become independent of his malignant influence.


Probably nothing will happen though. Paul’s doing him a favor and he is paying rent (out of his disability). The intention is not for him to stay (but getting rid of him is easier said than done, I should know!) Molly is okay with this arrangement. Michael has his own floor, and will probably stay busy ranting on political forums like Huffington Post and trolling on conservative websites. The rest of the time he’ll be watching the news or blasting his awful music. It’s more likely someone like Paul may tire of his presence and after a while want him out. It’s also possible Michael may just stay to himself and not bother them much.

As a person with Aspergers and an ACON (and one who was bullied both at home and by my peers during most of my childhood), I’m terribly jumpy and hypervigilant, always expecting the worst, never seeing the cup as half full, always expecting everyone will hate me, and worrying myself into a hair-pulling, twitching frenzy over the the most innocuous things. Every day I worry I will hear bad news, that one of my kids will die, that I’ll find out people are saying bad things about me, or even plotting against me.

I could be on the most beautiful, serene beach in the world, and instead of enjoying the sand and sun, I’ll fret about getting skin cancer even though I’m wearing SPF 4587 sunblock on every inch of my body. I could be in a room filled with people I love, and only be able to think about the one person who didn’t say hello and let that ruin my day. That’s where my head is at. The world seems so dangerous and hostile. I’m extremely paranoid. I find it very hard to relax and just enjoy things.

I know I must not worry and try to let this thing go. I think Paul is too smart to allow Michael to convince him I’m a narcissistic bitch even if he trash talks me 24/7, which he will probably do (or maybe not). Paul already knows me and Molly has told him good things about me. Besides, I already warned Paul that Michael will probably tell him all sorts of horrible stories about what a terrible wife and mother I was. Paul laughed and assured me if that happens he will tell him to stop talking that way, because he doesn’t want to get involved in our family drama and wasn’t a witness to it. So I guess I just need to stop worrying and being so hypervigilant and paranoid.

Let go and let God is good advice. I need to get in the habit of trusting my friend God more. Everything will work out. It always does, somehow.


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  1. I think you nailed it there, with the let go and trust God part. Amen! 😉

    That said however, I can understand your concerns and frankly it infuriates me, because I’ve seen narcissists do this to their own children, try to wedge into their relationships. Right when things are starting to look up for the kid, the narc feels threatened or something, and has to inject themselves into the situation. My mother to this day does this frequently, tries to sow division and discourse between my husband and I. It may not work, but it’s still very annoying. What my mother did manage to do however, was to convince my husband to let her move in with us. He’s got a good heart and he doesn’t know her like I do. We’re four years into this thing with her now.

    Now I’m a mom. If I wound up homeless, I’d probably stay homeless before I burdened my kids with that. I’d understand that it’s not all about me, all of the time. Of course a narcissist doesn’t see it that way.

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    • Bingo. Michael probably manipulated Paul (and Molly) into house sharing with them. That;s another thing I worry about–that Michael will act as a wedge between the two of them, using his divide and conquer games to destroy their relationship (so he can have his daughter back as narcissistic supply). That may not be his intention (he really hated being homeless which is understandable). But I’m sure they were manipulated. You just can’t trust a narc.
      I’d rarther be homeless too than beg my kids to live with them unless they wanted me to live with them. But narcissists have no shame–they have no capacity to feel shame or embarrassment. As long as they get what they want.

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  2. I think that no matter what happens, be prepared for the roller coaster ride.

    I get your perpetual angst in most pleasant situations. I suffer from that too. But I think that is because of being around all of the Narcs in your life. Because with them, you would relax and think it was easy sailing and then all of a sudden you found yourself in a horrific storm. So your experience with them has programmed you to be on constant alert even with regular people and situations.

    The Narc is now going to be in your life again, so, you will have to be wary of even the easy sailing times because with them you really do never know.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do because your daughter needs to work through this. She needs to understand. Luckily unbeknownst to her, she has got you around for damage control.

    Good luck. I know you will do fine.

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    • Thank you for your kind words, and back atcha!
      As far as the Narc you refer to , i don’t think he is lasting long there. From what I hear they are already tiring of him. He may try to beg me to take him back in (I wouldnt put it past him to try) but of course that will not happen He knows I have a restraining order anyway. He gets disability; I don’t really understand why he hasn’t taken advantage of their apartment finding service. They can find him a place to live. Oh, that’s right. He’d rather mooch off his ex wife and daughter because they provide the narcissistic supply he craves. :/


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